The student face behind our social media accounts
At London Met, our students are at the centre of everything we do, and that's true of our social media accounts too. Joey Tamburello is a London Met graduate and has been posting content, responding to tweets, dealing with queries raised on our Facebook account and celebrating successes with our Instagram followers since last summer. Today, Friday 28 July 2017, is Joey's last day in the job, and from Monday she'll be using the experience she's developed in an exciting new role outside of the University. We're proud of all that Joey's achieved, and that she's made the most of her experience with us to help get an enviable new job.
We asked Joey to sum up her time working for the University, and this is what she told us:
After finishing my Journalism BA (Hons) degree at London Met last July, I was like many graduates and beginning my search for the right role for me. Hearing about the Social Media Ambassador job at London Met, I was quick to apply.
Having started my own blog when I was 16 and worked with other companies on their social media presence, I had a good amount of knowledge about how to run social media accounts. However, starting at London Met, I found there was so much left to learn. During my working time at the University I have gained knowledge about how to make social media content stand out. Everything needs to be planned in advance and prepared for key times of the year, with care and attention. We get a constant flow of tags, mentions, questions and comments and we try to respond to these as quickly as possible, often linking social media followers to relevant information on the website or the right team in the University so that their question can be addressed.
Day-to-day I schedule everything you see on the University’s social media pages. From sharing BuzzFeed articles to student news from the London Met website, all of the content was selected by me and my colleague Chidubem. Together we've made sure the University's followers are kept up-to-date with all the latest news from the University (and hopefully kept them entertained too!).
I have achieved things I never thought I'd have the opportunity to. After only a few weeks, I found myself speaking to Sadiq Khan’s office, where I helped line up the use of his image around the University and an interview with him. I covered some amazing moments at graduation ceremonies and set up the first Ask Alumni event. I also made lifelong friends with colleagues in the office, who've helped to make my time special.
When the news spread around the University that 95% of the 2016 graduates were in work of further study six months after leaving the University, I felt proud to be one of the many students helping to make that percentage so impressive. And my story continues – after 10 months, I'm now moving on to work at Cedar Communications as a Digital Content Executive. As I prepare to start my new role, I'm excited to see how the knowledge I've gained at London Met will assist in the work I do in the future. I hope to continue to create content that interests people and makes the platforms of the companies I work for stand out.
Moving on and into my new role, I will think about the work London Met has done to ensure students get the help and support they need when applying for jobs after their course. Without the support of my lecturers and classmates, I wouldn’t have had the great experience I did at London Met and I wouldn’t have the confidence I have now.
Follow Joey's film blog, Let's Start With This One, on blogspot. If you haven't already, you can connect with the University on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.
Joey Tamburello photographed in the London Met courtyard