I haven’t heard back from any of my choices, is it too late to apply to university?

Right now it might seem that everyone is talking about the offers they’re getting from the universities they’ve applied to. If you’re yet to receive any offers, you may not be feeling too great, but don’t worry, there’s something you can do...

From 25 February, you’ll be able to enter the UCAS Extra stage of your application. During this time, you’ll be able to apply for one more course at a time up until early July, meaning you won’t miss out on your place at university.

As long as you apply through the UCAS Extra service during this period, your application is guaranteed to be looked at and considered by the university. Phew!

We’ve created a few helpful tips to help you get your head around UCAS Extra:

You can find out if you are eligible on the “Your choices” page

If you’re unsure whether you can apply or not, simply go to the “Your choices” page on your UCAS application and see if there’s a button to submit more options. You’ll only be able to submit one option at a time, but if you need to add more due to declined offers or a lack of responses you will be able to.

You can apply to courses that have caught your eye since originally applying

Worried that you didn’t apply to the right course or have seen one that you’re interested in since? UCAS Extra gives you the chance to apply to that new-found course in time. If you want to change the type of course or find a different one, UCAS has a helpful search tool that provides you with all the details you need to apply.

Speak to the university about applying through UCAS Extra

While many universities are happy to accept your UCAS Extra application, it’s best to speak to the university before you apply. This allows you the opportunity to speak to lecturers or university staff about the course and what they’re looking for from their ideal candidate.

It’s a free service

UCAS Extra is a free service that’s added on to your application. This means that there’s no additional cost and the process of adding more courses is quick and easy.

Once you’ve accepted an offer, you can’t add any more

If you’re accepted on to a course through UCAS Extra you won’t then be able to add any more. Many universities have a limited number of spaces to offer, so be sure to accept the right offer in time. Each offer will have a deadline date that you must meet to be accepted by the university. If you’ve already accepted an offer before UCAS Extra opens, you’ll be unable to add any more courses to your UCAS application.

Clearing is still an option after UCAS Extra

If your application is unsuccessful after the UCAS Extra stage, you can still apply to universities through Clearing. At London Met Clearing is open from the beginning of July and our helpful team is on hand to guide you through the process.

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