Test to access

The most effective way we can all help protect our community from Covid is to ensure the virus does not enter our buildings. With more staff and students returning to site, the risk of a local spike in transmission is much higher. One in three people with coronavirus don’t show symptoms, and adults under 40 have the highest asymptomatic transmission rate. 

That’s why anyone coming on to campus is now required to demonstrate a negative Covid test result from within the last three days. This will keep our environment as safe as possible for staff and students. 

Free, quick and easy tests

Tests are free, quick and easy to get at our campus test centres. Find out more and book your test here. On arrival at the test centre, you should scan your student or staff card, to keep our data up-to-date. After you are tested, you will be given a sticker to wear, with the colour of the stickers changing each day, to show you have had a negative test. If your test is positive, you will be advised to go home and isolate for ten days - if you do need to isolate, you will be supported by the University throughout this period.

If you test yourself at home, you should register the result of the test with the NHS, as per the instructions provided in the home-testing kit brochures. You can show the NHS email you receive showing your negative test result to the testing centre, and collect a sticker to wear.

If you are not wearing a sticker and cannot show proof of a negative test within the last three days, you will be asked to go to the nearest on-site test centre. If you refuse to do this, you will be asked to leave campus. Support is available through your School Office, or Department, if you require further information. We are grateful to all of you for playing your part to keep London Met safe. 

Collect at-home tests from campus

You can now pick up free home-testing kits from our test centres. ‘LFD (Lateral Flow Device) Collect’ allows you to pick up a box of seven free home test kits, to take home and use whenever you want. You can collect up to two kits every week, and you can even pick up kits for other people you live with or care for, to avoid them having to make unnecessary journeys.

Do remember to register your results with the NHS app or website when you take the test at home, to let the NHS know you are negative, and so you can show that result when you come to campus to get a sticker. On arrival at the test centre, you should scan your student or staff card, to keep our data up-to-date. If the test is positive you should isolate for ten days and email covidreport@londonmet.ac.uk to inform the university - you will be supported during this time, and will make sure your studies are not affected. 

Creating a safe challenge culture

In order to stay safe on campus, we must take collective responsibility for reducing the transmission of Covid-19. We can take care of each other by nudging anyone who is not adhering to safety rules - such as social distancing, wearing a mask without an exemption, or who is not showing evidence of a negative test with a sticker - to exercise compliance and reduce transmission. 

We know it can be hard to challenge your peers, but it’s important that we all do our part to keep each other safe. Most people do want to comply, and those who aren’t may have just forgotten or misunderstood the rules. 

Framing a challenge as an offer (‘do you need a face covering?’) or as information sharing (‘in case you didn’t know, we need to show proof of a negative test on campus now’) can be a helpful, non-combative way to ensure compliance. Make sure to support others who are challenging non-compliance too; they are doing a great job for our community safety!

Here are some of the other ways we will be keeping you Covid-safe on campus

Face coverings are mandatory on campus while moving around our buildings and in face to face situations. If someone nearby feels uncomfortable without face coverings being worn, please wear them, except where there is an exemption on medical or religious grounds. Reusable London Met face masks will be provided for all staff and students, and disposable masks will also be available on campus.

Perspex panels have been installed at reception to help keep staff, students and visitors safe. The turnstiles will be open; however, please use your card to swipe in so that your presence in the building is recorded.

Our Estates team will be cleaning the rooms at the start of each day and between teaching sessions. They will be using specialist cleaning products to do this, and will be ensuring all touchpoints are cleaned at regular intervals.

There is a full waste management plan in place with a separate waste disposal for personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure it is collected apart from recycling and general waste. There are new PPE bins in place.PPE includes masks, gloves and tissues. Please do not put PPE in the recycling bins.

First aiders are still available to support you and have received instructions on how to keep you and themselves safe. Please contact the building reception in the first instance. If you need to use a first aid room, these will be deep cleaned after each use.

There are a number of lockers available for the academic year, which are allocated through your academic school. These lockers will have sanitising stations located next to them.