Get tested for Covid-19

Students coming onto campus should be tested for Covid every three days. Book your next test here.

How we're protecting our community

Following the Prime Minister's announcement on 22 February, which set out a road map out of lockdown in England, we have reviewed teaching and support activities at the University. We had already been planning for this announcement, and had consulted widely with relevant staff teams and students about likely scenarios.

To prepare for students and staff to return to our buildings, we have undertaken a number of actions, including: 

  • a deep clean of our spaces
  • additional cleaning stations set up for when staff return
  • signage to encourage social distancing
  • more cleaning planned in high-use areas
  • additional hand-sanitising facilities provided within our spaces, particularly near to entrances and exits.

To devise these plans, the University has worked with students and staff through discussion groups and Q&As to ensure that all concerns and wishes are addressed. Building a culture of care into our plans has been central to the process.

We've also signed up to the Covid-19 Secure Charter, alongside other London universities.

Here are some of the ways we will be keeping you Covid-safe on campus

Face coverings

We have decided to make face coverings mandatory in all classrooms and corridors for staff and students, except where there is an exemption on medical or religious grounds. So if you are on campus you will need to protect yourself and our community by wearing a face covering. Reusable London Met face masks will be provided for all staff and students, and disposable masks will also be available on campus.


Perspex panels have been installed at reception to help keep staff, students and visitors safe. There is also an additional table in place by the Henry Thomas room for ID card queries. The turnstiles will be open; however, please use your card to swipe in so that your presence in the building is recorded.

Teaching spaces, labs and workshops

Our Estates team will be cleaning the rooms at the start of each day and between teaching sessions. They will be using specialist cleaning products to do this, and will be ensuring all touch points are cleaned at regular intervals.

Hand sanitisers and wipes will be provided in all rooms and staff/students are asked to clean their hands and wipe down the desk/workstation that they’ve been using before and after use as an extra precaution.


Corridors have been assessed to ensure that a safe distance is possible, and where necessary, one-way systems have been created; view the Social distancing routes around Aldgate campus and Social distancing routes around Holloway campus . Floor vinyls and signs will be in place to support movement around the building and to encourage a safe distance. Cleaning of the corridors will occur at regular intervals throughout the day.


The new routes have taken accessibility into consideration.

Booking workspace on campus during remote delivery

Given the most recent government guidance, students and staff are encouraged to study and work from home. However, we have a limited number of desks with computers and independent learning spaces available for booking.


The showers in our Science Centre (Holloway campus) and in the exercise room (Aldgate campus) will be open for cyclists in the mornings between 8am and 10am via a pre-booked system only. There are secure air handling systems in these areas, a full cleaning schedule and sanitising equipment available to clean the benches.


There will be toilets open in areas that are in use on campus. The toilets will be cleaned hourly and social distancing will be created through locking middle cubicles. Where possible the disabled toilets will be used to create an isolated space.

Water fountains

Drinking water will be provided through coolers and fountains. Please be aware that water bottles must not touch the taps when refilling.

Waste management

There is a full waste management plan in place with a separate waste disposal for personal protective equipment (PPE) to ensure it is collected apart from recycling and general waste. There are new PPE bins in place.

PPE includes masks, gloves and tissues. Please do not put PPE in the recycling bins. Bins are to be used as follows:

  • General waste: non-recyclables such as crisp packets
  • Recycling: empty cans, plastic bottles, newspaper and cardboard (not food containers)
  • Coffee cups: yellow coffee recycling bins
  • Food caddies: If you are a member of staff, food caddies are available in every staff kitchen to dispose of leftover food
  • PPE bins: For protective equipment and tissues

First aid rooms

First aiders are still available to support you and have received instructions on how to keep you and themselves safe. Please contact the building reception in the first instance. If you need to use a first aid room, these will be deep cleaned after each use.


There are a number of lockers available for the academic year, which are allocated through your academic school. These lockers will have sanitising stations located next to them.

Sports, health and wellbeing

There will be a full programme of online wellbeing activities starting in the new term, including yoga, pilates and boxfit. We're looking at the guidance around gym opening and assessing the capacity of the gym facilities.