What clients say

"Because of RAGU, I have been able to fill the gap in my medical career. I will never forget that they helped me to start working in the UK."

Doctor, from the Democratic Republic of Congo 

"After being granted as a refugee in the UK, I lost my way as it was a different context to work for the public health field here. I was feeling hopeless to continue my career in public health and thought, should I go back to clinical medicine? Then RAGU guided me through the available jobs related to health promotion within and outside of the NHS. I prepared my CV with the help of RAGU and finally got interviews, but still wasn't successful initially. Again, after intensive interview practice with my career advisor for each job interview, I finally secured a clinical auditor job within the NHS. This first step into my career was really crucial and I have progressed year after year."

Public health professional, from South East Asia

"I want to say a massive thank you to Refugee Assesment and Guidance Unit for the work placement, help with applications and interview practice. Through RAGU I secured a band 5 job!"

Occupational therapist, from Iran 

"The interview workshop that I attended was extremely useful. It will definitely have a positive impact on my interview skills, and I now have a job with the NHS."

Biomedical scientist, from Pakistan

"RAGU has been an opening door for my future career and made me realise that anything could be achievable with the right guide (RAGU) and the right amount of work and study to succeed and adapt to a completely new working culture."

Doctor, from Albania 

"You helped put me back into my profession. I am over the moon and eternally grateful."

Nurse, from Rwanda

"When I joined the kind and hard-working team of RAGU, I found the feeling that RAGU's support would lead me to my desire of getting re-qualification as a dentist in the UK. My dream has nearly come true. I recently passed IELTS and am currently taking preparation for ORE Part 1. Let me highlight that all this was possible with RAGU's constructive guidance and support."

Dentist, from Afghanistan

"I would like to thank you big time for everything I have achieved through RAGU during the past three years. In particular, the arrangement and management of the work placement at the GP practice where you were directly involved. In the three months there I have stretched myself to the limits to carry on the placement, as well as keeping my job and personal responsibilities as a father. However, your support, advice and encouragement motivated and inspired me to go that extra mile and now I have a paid job at the GP practice."

Doctor, from Afghanistan

"When I first heard about RAGU I was in limbo. I received both moral support and practical guidance from RAGU and helped me to decide on my career path. RAGU helped me get into voluntarily work in the health sector where I rebuilt my confidence and gained good cross-cultural understanding. Then RAGU supported me into a Dental Nurse trainee position and paid for my Dental Nurse Diploma. This year I'll become a registered Dental Nurse and longer term will train as a Dental Hygienist. I’m very grateful." 

Dentist from Sudan

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