De Matos Ryan

A new series of talks: Make Space focuses on different types of interior spaces and how they can be reinvented.

This series of talks focuses on different types of interior spaces, from the reinvention of whole buildings to temporary installation and internal fit-out and reuse.

A number of highly regarded designers and architects, all of whom are based in and work in London, have been invited to talk about the challenges of designing and delivering different interior spaces. The talks will run throughout the new year, focusing on the craft and making of internal spaces. This is part of our public lecture programme and is open to all. 

Fourth lecture by Jose Esteves de Matos of De Matos Ryan, chaired by Andy Stone, co-curated with Zoe Berman.

Date Cancelled
Location CR100 Commercial Road
59 – 63 Whitechapel High Street
London E1 7PF