Where can a Community Development and Leadership degree take you?

London Met graduates tell us where they are working now they have finished their degrees and the different paths a degree can take you.

Date: 13 November 2017

Community Development and Leadership BSc students at London Metropolitan University often progress into careers shortly after graduating.

“[The course] gave me a broader picture on what I can do [with my life],” says London Met alumnus Alhajie Jabbie, who graduated from the University in 2015.

The alumnus explained how he was working for Stratford Council and, due to funding issues, he decided to rethink his career options. Alhajie knew he wanted to work with mental health and so decided to study at London Met to gain real life working experience as well as gain a degree.

He explains the skills he learnt at London Met helped him when applying for jobs as he was able to demonstrate the transferable skills he learnt during his time at the University.

Graduates don’t always choose to go straight into work, as Kevwe Raleigh, a 2016 alumna, explains. “When I graduated, my main goal was to go travelling to see how other people in the world live. So I travelled to Asia and went back packing in South East Asia for a few months. When I was in South East Asia, I volunteered with a few orphanages and it was quite interesting to see how the other half live and what they’re doing to try and develop the community.”

A full video featuring interview excerpts from Community Development and Leadership BSc graduates is available to watch on YouTube.