Toward Paestum, Forward

Public lecture by Aleks Catina explores the problem of irony in architecture.

The talk, delivered by Cass lecturer Aleks Catina, is part of a body of work on the problem of irony in architecture which revisits questions of modern criticality from the Enlightenment to our own age of miscommunication. 

The ironist and existential philosopher Soren Kierkegaard pointed at the paradox that we only can understand our life backward, but are compelled to live it forward.  His poetic disposition toward uncertainty is based on the constructive role Kierkegaard assigns to remembering in the development of individual narratives of purposefulness, authenticity and freedom. 

On the larger scale of political life such matters are subject to a high degree of complexity due to the unsteady direction of development under the forces of ideological and aesthetic bias. 

Architecture can be investigated as the art of dealing with this paradox. We will aim to remember how sporadic indulgence in uncertainty can be a beneficial act in the face of undesirable solutions. 

Toward Paestum, Forward will be held on the 23 March at 6.30pm in Central House room CE 119.

Event details

Date Thursday 23 March, 6.30pm
Location Room CE 119, Central House