The Cass and YMCA Hayes

Cass Jewellery and Silversmithing Studio 4 hosted two workshops with YMCA clients to develop their brief of designing and making an Information Point the YMCA Hayes building.

Date: 21 April 2014

CASSprojects, Studio 4 and the YMCA developed the project together, which was funded by the Hillingdon Ward Budget fund, supported by local Councillors and Hayes Town Partnership.

In March, Cass students provided a workshop at one of the YMCA buildings where the Information Point will be used. The students and the YMCA clients met and started to work together; making text out of wire, discussing needs for the information point, and consulting on successful ways to pass on important information.

The second event took place yesterday at the Jewellery and Silversmithing workshops at the Cass. London Met Widening Participation and the Extended Degree programme introduced the Cass, Students shared stencilling and etching techniques with the YMCA members, and tested printing techniques in the studio together. 

The students presented models of their proposed Information Points, getting comments from the YMCA clients with suggestions on how the pieces would work, and providing valuable feedback for the Students.

Designs will be developed further following these sessions, with further comments being sought before production of the final piece.

One design will be made by Studio 4, and presented to the YMCA in May at a high profile screening event showcasing YMCA members’ achievements.

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