Terrorist Financing: the Failure of Counter Measures

Date: 29.10.2012

The Faculty congratulates Dr Nick Ridley on the publication of his most recent work, Terrorist Financing: the Failure of Counter Measures.

The book studies the acquisition and deployment of finances by terrorist groups and examines the lessons gleaned from international efforts to combat terrorist financing in the post 9/11 period.

In his review of the book, Professor Barry Rider of the University of Cambridge notes, “Dr Ridley, having had a long and diverse career in intelligence and in particular financial analysis, has succeeded in going far beyond description of a series of war stories to providing not only a startling account of the range and character of modern terrorism, but also a knowledgeable analysis of the measures adopted around the world to combat the threat…While emphasising the value of financial intelligence, Dr Ridley, now as a scholar, dispassionately questions how successful this strategy has been and where it might take us. Such issues need to be aired and resolved if we are not to undermine the very values which we seek to protect.’

Dr Nick Ridley is a senior lecturer in policing and security, and is also the course leader for the Professional Doctorate Policing, Security and Community Safety.

The book is published by Edward Elgar Publishing and is available online.