Staff excellence recognised in Annual Awards

London Met recognises staff success and best practice in Annual Awards Scheme

Date: 11 December 2014

Rachel Ward, Estates Energy Manager, with Vice Chancellor John Raftery

The University’s first Staff Annual Awards took place earlier this month to highlight and recognise colleagues’ best practice and outstanding achievement in fulfilling our mission and values.

Over 50 individuals and teams were nominated to win one of six individual and six team awards. The winners received their prizes at a special Wider Management Group meeting on 10 December.

Assistant Registrar Chris Marshall was among the prize winners. He said: “While it is wonderful to receive this award, there are countless others that we work with that also promote and uphold the University's values and mission who would be equally deserving of this prize.

“It is very touching that colleagues appreciate and recognise what I do and I am humbled by the kind words of the people that nominated me.”

Another winner, Estates Energy Manager Rachel Ward, said she was “shocked” to have been nominated. Under Rachel’s environmental management, London Met has reduced its carbon footprint by over 43%, resulting in substantial cost savings and benefit to the environment. Her projects to brighten up the University, such as the Big Dig event this summer, saw new flowers planted and ‘bee hotels’ installed to encourage more wildlife on campus. Thanks to Rachel, not only are staff and students enjoying a better experience at London Met – our bees are, too.

Other individual winners were John Lucken from Information Systems and Services, whose dedication and patience were highlighted in the awards; Helen Gabriel, from London Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law, who has been instrumental in developing new fashion courses in the University; and Linda Theobalds, whose management of the timetabling department is crucial to the successful provision of teaching.

Head of Schools, Colleges and Widening Participation, Sophie Cloutterbuck, also won a prize in recognition of her commitment, hard work and unswerving belief in education.

The six teams to win an award were:

Human Resource Management Team

Sue Shortland, Aiden McKearney, Brian Critchley, Patrick O’Connor, Martin Tremaine, Kiran Kalsi, Fiona Colgan, Tana Geoffroy, Tracia Leman, Rick Layden, Harinder Dhesi, Graeme Connelly, Faruk Merali, Frances Tomlinson.

Switchboard Team

Carol Ives, Jo Coldwell, Lisa Manigan, Beverley Hesketh, Lisa Leslie.

Careers Advice and Job Shop Assistant Team

Fiona Tracey, Shauna Arnold, Patricia Nnadi, Tiffany Platt, Alison Street, Ida Ogoudpike, Carol Sperring (Careers Information), Sarah Giles (Careers Information).

The Cass Short Course Team

Anna O’Brien, Maeve Khachfe.

Student Front Offices (SFO) Implementation Team (virtual)

Phil Marshall, Dave Nath, Sara Carruthers.

FIRS Financial System Team

Kane Millward, Michael Eustathiou, Demetri Flourentzou, Laurence Few, Maria Ellis, Melanius Paes, Simon Maddox.

The winners all received a certificate and monetary prize to spend on their personal or professional development. Lisa Leslie, from the Switchboard Team, said: “It is lovely to win the award and nice to be recognised. I want to improve my computer skills, particularly with Microsoft Windows 8, so I am thinking of using the money to go on a course.”

Sara Carruthers, from the SFO Team, said: “We are grateful to be recognised by our colleagues. It has been a rewarding project and this award also pays tribute to the wider team committed to its success.”