Public Health students win big at awards for academic excellence

London Met graduates of the Public Health and Health Promotion BSc win first and fourth place at the annual awards ceremony.

Date: 15 September 2016

Graduates from the Public Health and Health Promotion (Top-up) BSc were big winners at July’s annual awards ceremony, taking top places in the University Prize for Academic Excellence.

Saadiyo Abdi, a first class honours student, edged out a number of high achievers to walk away with the coveted overall top prize, which places her in first position for the whole University.

Emrita Popoola, who also achieved a first class honours degree, was pleased with her prize for fourth place.  A qualified nurse and midwife who's now working in an inner London teaching hospital, she said getting the award “just blew my mind. It was an awesome feeling. I already work in the health sector and hope to use my qualification to further improve maternal and child health, and also to further my career. I am hoping to work for the UN or an international NGO at some point.”

Both students conducted planning interventions focussed on improving health in their respective fields of interest.

Course leader and senior lecturer Dr Yolanda Eraso commented, “I’m very proud of Saadiyo and Emrita’s success in attaining these awards. Their achievements are testament to their dedication, intellectual prowess and hard work during the year. They are an inspiration to all our Public Health students, and I am very delighted that their future plans involve continued work in this area.”

The Public Health and Health Promotion (Top-up) BSc is a course where students join a Level 6 programme which is the equivalent of the final year of an honours degree. The degree aims to equip students with an enhanced understanding and awareness of health promotion, public health and the experiences of individuals and communities in these sectors. In addition to learning more about the social determinants of health and their impact on populations, students will develop the skills for planning interventions to improve health in the community.  

Pictured: Saadiyo Abdi walking away with her award for academic excellence.

Saadiyo Abdi with her award for academic excellence.