Professor hosts a special seminar in the United States

Professor challenges the positivist hegemony in US and joins the academy of marketing doctoral.

Date: 21/04/2015

Professor Jillian Farquhar is hosting a special session at the forthcoming Academy of Marketing Science Conference in the US with colleagues from Bournemouth, Southampton & Oulu (Finland) universities. The purpose of the special session is to challenge the positivist hegemony in US marketing academy, arguing that theory is also advanced through non-positivist epistemologies.

Guildhall would like to congratulate Jillian who has also been invited once more to be a member of the Academy of Marketing doctoral colloquium panel at the University of Limerick in July. Doctoral students present their work to a panel of expert supervisors/examiners and received formative feedback on their research.

Professor Jillian Farquhar