Pop-Up Show Series #3

1st year art students are taking part in a collaborative project that involves the curation of a series of pop-up shows.

Date: 14 March 2014

1st year art students are taking part in a collaborative project that involves the curation of a series of pop-up shows, which will be held on the 2nd Floor Boulevard (Turbine Hall) at Central House. Every Tuesday, for seven successive weeks, two groups will be displaying artworks simultaneously. The third in the series takes place Tuesday 4th March, 11am-5pm. Everyone is welcome!

Pop-Up Show #3: Tuesday 4th March

Statements from exhibiting groups:

The Week 21 Contemporaries present 'Sorrounding'

The Sir John Cass Turbine Hall is delighted to host an exciting group of new and up and coming artists who are collectively known as The Week 21 Contemporaries.

Working in a diverse set of practices, this group brings together a series of pieces exploring the concepts, ideas, suggestions and mysteries of our surrounding. They challenge our traditional views and invite the observer to consider how we represent and think about the world which surrounds us all.

Featuring artworks by: Haydn Albrow, Krys Dembinska, Andy Dickerson, Alexandra Donnelly, Camiel Jones, Richard Rowbotham.


SPACE is a show comprising of a combination of works from six aspiring artists all with vastly different meanings behind their work who will come together to showcase one key underlying interest, the use of space. A broad title which gives us plenty of scope to work with when grouping together our varying practices. We aim to show you how our different concepts and choices of materials can be successfully merged together to create a harmonious collaboration within the turbine hall, challenging the space we have been given and transforming it to create a brand new experience.

In accordance to Aristotle, 'Space contains, it does not locate.'

Featuring artworks by: Laura Applegate, Trude Bekk, Amy Brennan, Ngoc Diep, Alicia Dupont, Maddy Salisbury.

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News details

Location: 2nd Floor Boulevard, Central House
Date: Tuesday 4 March 2014
Time: 11am - 5pm



Week 21 Contemporaries / SPACE 

 Surroundings: Chance Lines

Interactive floor based pieces by Krys Dembinska 

 Surroundings: Ephemeral Creatures

Drawing by Camil Jones 

 Space: Net Work

Durational performance by Laura Applegate 

 Space: Net Work

Durational performance by Laura Applegate 

 Space: Chickenwire Chicken

3D work by Tude Bekk 

 Space: Paper Cranes

Installation by Ngoc Diep 

 Space: Intensity of the Visual

Installation by Amy Brennan 

 Space: Untitled

Paintings by Alice Dupont 

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