A lunchbox lecture by the artist and Cass alumnus Lewis G Burton.

Date: 4 December 2014

Lewis G. Burton is a queer performance artist, just graduated from the CASS. His recent collaboration with artist Victor Ivanov was curated to create a platform for dialogue in the social cybersphere, allowing the public to interact and engage with the artwork in an online format. Burton will talk about the very nightlife that inspires and orchestrates his work. NIGHTCLUBBING is an insight into the nightclub’s role (predominantly of the gay variety) in both contemporary art and among older generations of artists -more specifically, how the queer body functions within the clubbing environment. In the past the nightclub has been a major cause for cultural movements and a place for like-minded people to congregate, as well as to get an honest opinion from a less than sober crowd…


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Date/Time: 8 DEC at 1pm
Venue: Room 119 Central House