Made in Hayes does Talking, Playing, Growing

The Cass came with tea and cake on Saturday afternoon to encourage talking, playing and growing at the Austin Estate.

Date: 19 February 2013

Architecture Studio 3 hosted a ‘Talking, Playing, Growing’ event to develop an initiative to green the Austin Estate. Residents were engaged through activities provided by The Cass Architecture students, Grow Heathrow and Hillingdon Play Association.

Austin Estate residents were encouraged on Saturday lunchtime by offerings of Grow Heathrow’s herbal teas and Architecture Studio 3’s cake to:

  • Discuss community gardening with Grow Heathrow and Architecture students. Studio 3 students shared their ‘conversation kits’ that had been developed in response to the Abbey Gardens community garden in Stratford.
  • Hillingdon Play Association brought play equipment: a slack line was strung between two trees on the estate, chalked hopscotch and drawings appeared on pavements and walls, and skipping ropes were jumped.
  • Grow Heathrow provided bike powered music, wood burning ‘rocket stove’ and home grown teas

This was the second event in the Made in Hayes programme, a series of public art, architecture and design projects initiated by The Cass students that will take place in Hayes over the coming years. All projects will consider what great things have been, are being and will be made in Hayes, and generate ideas about how the town can continue to flourish.

Local MP John McDonnell said “I am delighted that The Cass Faculty responded to my request to get involved in a series of public art projects. The students and staff from the London Metropolitan University have thrown themselves in and have used their creativity in developing ideas that will inspire residents and that could create a focal point for community activity.”

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Location The Austin Estate, Hayes


Made in Hayes, Gathering

Encouraged by Architecture Studio 3 

 Hayes Gazette Article
Made in Hayes Gazette Article


Made in Hayes, Playing

Encouraged by Hillingdon Play Association 

Made in Hayes, Talking

Encouraged by Grow Heathrow's Bike Powered Music 

Made in Hayes, Chalking on the wall

Encouraged by Hillingdon Play Association 

Made in Hayes, Chalking on the pavement

Encouraged by Hillingdon Play and Studio 3 

Made in Hayes Playing 2