It’s The Economy Stupid

Vicky Pryce, Andy Ross and Peter Urwin launch their new book It’s The Economy Stupid at Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law.

Date: 01/04/2015

Vicky Pryce and her co-authors Andy Ross, Peter Urwin joined the Guildhall Faculty of Business and Law to celebrate the premiere of their book It’s The Economy Stupid. With the upcoming elections in May 2015 the authors explain Britain’s current economic position.

The Telegraph stated “Vicky Pryce, Andy Ross and Peter Urwin have done a commendable job of explaining Britain’s economic position. The language is straightforward and the storytelling compelling. You’d struggle to name a more coherent account of the credit crunch, which is impressive considering its complexity.”

Professor Stephen J Perkins who hosted the evening said: “We enjoyed a very impressive turnout of some 150 people supporting this important book publication, who said they were delighted to visit Guildhall Business and Law, Moorgate. Leaving with a clear understanding of what the University is offering to all stakeholders, located at the heart of the City of London. And with a high impact Hon Visiting Professoriate, including thought leaders like Vicky Pryce, assuring world-class education and knowledge transfer.”

Author Pryce was very happy to launch the book at the Faculty and said: “Many thanks for the great hospitality and your excellent introductory remarks Professor Stephen J Perkins. Thank you and Karen for letting us use that wonderful room and for making it all happen it was brilliant!”

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Book Launch