"Going to London Met was the best decision I've ever made"

Originally from Miami, international student Beatrice says the inspiring surroundings of London were a constant source of motivation.

Date: 08 December 2020

For Beatrice Carly Cantor, graduating this week with a Biomedical Science MSc, the friendships she’s made at London Met are what’s made her University experience so enriching.

"From the first day of orientation to the day we were all finished with our dissertations, we stuck together," she says.

"I know we will be friends forever. It was so great to have a great support group in which we all understood what we were going through together. I wouldn’t have gotten through this without them. Finishing my degree feels amazing and bittersweet. I absolutely loved going to school in London and getting new experiences."

Originally from Miami, Florida, Beatrice moved to London to pursue her studies, which she said gave her "an extra boost of motivation to get my work done. Everything was new to me, from the location, the food, the people, the academics. I was constantly excited about learning new things. There was never a dull moment about living in London and being able to pursue my master’s degree. 

"The best thing about studying in London was getting a new worldly experience at the same time as learning about something I am passionate about. It was great to have a different perspective about a subject that is universal. I felt it gave me an advantage to understanding the material in my courses."

Her advice to current students? "Don’t stress, enjoy every moment. If you work hard you can definitely get through it. London Met has great professors and resources to help you through your entire experience.

"I have learned more than I thought over the course of this degree, and I know I will use everything I learned during my studies in my future endeavours. Going to London Met was the best decision I ever made!"

woman in front of London skyscrapers