Gallery talk for 'Vital Excess'!

There will be a lunchtime talk by the show's curator Dr Judith Tucke.

Date: 18 April 2014

There will be a lunchtime talk by the show's curator Dr Judith Tucker, painter and senior lecturer at University of Leeds, at 1pm on Friday 4th April in Bank Gallery at Cass, Central House, followed by Q & A with artists Mike Evans and Anne Robinson and gallery tour. 

Free entry and all welcome - see Eventbrite

'Vital Excess' is an exhibition of new work by Michael Evans and Anne Robinson and all FSSH staff, researchers and students are also very welcome to attend the private view on: Thursday 3rd April, 6.00pm - 8.30pm.

Both artists in 'Vital Excess' are engaged with questions of consciousness, affect and temporality and working between painting and the moving image.

Their works collide here on shifting boundaries of digital/analogue, figural/abstract and practice/theory. ..away from the monotonous tick of capital, our sensory perceptions of time, are vertiginous and uncanny..  now and then, inside and out.. we feel time differently

Exhibition open Mon-Sat, 12-6, 4th-12th April.
Read more here.
 Frustum Super Planum Cum Filia Lyrae by Harriet Lewars

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Artist website: Anne Robinson
Arist Website: Michael Evans
Facebook: Vital Excess
Venue: Bank, Central House

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