Challenging the label of 'troubled families' and the stereotypical gang member

Date: 13.7.2013

Tara Young, Wendy Fitzgibbon and Daniel Silverstone, three members of the Criminology team at London Met have published a report for the Charity Catch 22.  Based on interviews with 'gang' involved family members in England and Scotland, the research argues that, overwhelmingly, the picture that emerges from interviews with family members is one of ‘beleaguered'  families’ facing many issues, for whom having a child join a 'gang' is an added problem and a major source of stress and worry.

Those involved can come from all types of background but especially for lone parents, adolescence is a key time when parents need new strategies to cope with often violent and distressed young people.

Currently many families struggle with breaking the cycle of violence. Despite a wealth of available interventions, sending the relative away to another area, was often seen by practitioners and family members as the only possible solution.

Tara Young, Wendy Fitzgibbon and Daniel Silverstone teach on the BSc Criminology degree and the Masters degree in Criminology.

The report and executive summary are available here:

Executive summary

The report

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Addressing the harm caused by gang crime

Catch22's Dawes Unit is a new programme, funded by the Dawes Trust, designed to address the harm caused by gang crime. The unit will work with individuals, families, schools and communities to support them to develop their capacity to address this issue.