Cavespace in Pimlico

Fine Art BA alumna Karen Turner is crowdfunding for Cavespace.

Cass Fine Art BA alumna Karen Turner is crowdfunding for Cavespace, a project and gallery space nestled in between her retro, vintage and up-cycle retail space and workshop in Pimlico, London. The idea is to provide the opportunity for creatives young and old to showcase their talents, and in the process, add value to the local community.

As a valuable addition to Cave's enterprises it will contribute to an enriching, creative environment where conversations surrounding contemporary art can prosper, whilst also encouraging individuals to connect with each other through a wide range of artistic disciplines.

Existing as an intimate, permanent "white cube", Cavespace will invite artists and makers to submit proposals to determine how they will utilise the space with all disciplines and mediums being considered. Development partnerships will also link Cavespace to local schools, colleges and universities, as well as with community groups, local businesses, art galleries and institutions.

Cavespace's aim is to have a positive social impact on Pimlico’s community. Art plays an integral role in our society, allowing us to critique and question issues we encounter in the everyday. It teaches us the importance of engaging with one another through the process of collaboration and discussion. It is a worthy tool that allows us to think about ideas larger than ourselves and practising it is extremely valuable to aid in the creation of a positive and enriching future.

“We like swapping trades at Cave... we do manage to get things done through people giving up their time... The money is for materials and lighting... For creating the white cube... The intention is always about art.”– Karen Turner, Cave Founder

For more information or to donate please visit Karen’s Crowdfunder campaign.

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