Cass ART: Lecture by Shaan Syed

'How Holes and Stage Diving have Everything to do with Painting', a lecture by artist Shaan Syed

Date: 16 November 2014

Shaan Syed graduated in 2006 from Goldsmiths with a series of paintings that grew from looking at empty concert stages.  His work has since explored notions of absence and “finding a space in painting, for where ‘want’ may exist”.  Syed’s work questions modernist ideals of purity and our relationship with pictures, and how these things influence the way in which we look and see ourselves.

Syed has shown internationally and is included in the Thames and Hudson publication, 100 Painters of Tomorrow, among other publications on painting and colour.  He recently completed an artist book co-published by FormContent and S1 Artspace and supported by Arts Council England. The book documents a three-year long anonymous public art intervention spanning Toronto, Berlin and London, and includes work from several other UK and international artists. Syed will talk about these projects and others and how they have informed his view of painting.

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Date: THU 13 NOV 5.30 PM
Location: The CASS, Central House, in room CE1-16