A Song For Eurydice

A new running based performance by Cass Foundation Lecturer James Steventon with Jason Singh

Date: 19 April 2013

Performance, Exhibition: 19 April 2013

‘A Song For Eurydice’ is a new running based performance by James Steventon and Jason Singh, developed with support from Arts Council England.

Through an interface designed by electronic musician and composer Leafcutter John, Steventon's elevated heartbeat is digitised and transmitted in real time to Singh's live music sequencer. Through a skillful treadmill running performance, the tempo is set by the alternating heart rate. Singh's live vocal response in turn directly affects the heart rate, setting up a circular, symbiotic relationship where Steventon's heart becomes both instrument and perceiving organ, as Singh composes the running journey.

The resulting visual and auditory performance is a live exchange between body and voice, with the control of oxygen common to both.

'A Song For Eurydice' will be performed as part of Journeys Across Media: The Body and The Digital conference at University of Reading on 19th April.

A Song For Eurydice