Meet London Met’s very own future star


Jesse Quinones, a former London Met student, is now a critically acclaimed and award-winning writer, film director and producer. He has also been chosen as the new patron of the British Urban Film Festival (BUFF).


Jesse graduated from London Met with an undergraduate degree in Creative Writing and English Literature - BA (Hons) and later an MA in Film and Broadcast Production from The Cass. He then went on to work as a journalist and news writer for the Voice newspaper.

Deciding to focus on film production, Jesse has since pursued an extremely successful career as an independent director, writing and directing his own films. He also works as a lecturer at the Met Film School, where he teaches MA Documentary and Factual.

His film, Calloused Hands, won the British Urban Film Festival award 2015 for Best Feature Film and Best Director, and also scooped the Best Film award at the Fingal Film Festival in 2014.

The newly appointed role as a patron for BUFF will give Jesse the opportunity to help and grow the new generation of young filmmakers, writers and producers.

BUFF was established in 2005 and was recently voted to be the top of a global list of diverse film festivals worthy of attending in 2016. Submissions for BUFF's 2017 awards are still open and you can enter your script, feature or short film on their website for a small fee of £17.

Photograph of Jesse Quinones.