Subject areas

  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Sciences

    Exploring molecular science

    Our specialist degrees exploring molecular science include Chemistry BSc (Hons), Pharmacology BSc (Hons) and Cancer Pharmacology MSc.

  • Sports Science and Therapy

    Learn about Sports Science and Therapy at London Met

    We're home to the UK's original Sports Therapy degree, including teaching staff entirely from sports therapy graduates and unique sports partnerships.

  • Cass 3D

    "Cass 3D is a group of courses, but also a powerhouse for the understanding all three-dimensional design. It’s about the way people talk to each other through the objects they use, how objects can inform spaces and how people relate to each other." Marianne Forrest, Head of Cass 3D.

  • Cass Architecture

    "It is socially engaged. It is architecturally relevant. Something that pertains to the current culture, current facilities, current ideas." Nate Kolbe, Cass Architecture Course Leader.

  • Cass Culture

    "The core of Culture is what used to be called history and theory across the whole school. The music, the jewellery, the metalwork, the design, the graphics, the architecture, the cities, the art. How all of these relate to each other is an enormously interesting issue and question. It is like a city in miniature." Helen Mallinson, Head of Cass Culture.

  • Cass Fine Art

    "We teach fine art, we teach curating and introduce students to the best professionals, the best artists, the best art teachers they’ll ever come across, at a superb location in central London. " Rosemarie McGoldrick, Head of Cass Fine Art.

  • Cass Foundation

    "Cass Foundation is a gateway to the rest of the Cass, and once you’re through it, there are many different things here. That’s one of the aspects that we make the most of; it’s a real, unique cauldron of creative practice." Chianna Roberts, Head of Cass Foundation.

  • Cass Interiors

    "Cass Interiors is a cluster of three interiors degrees: Interior Architecture and Design, Interior Design and Interior Design and Decoration – each has an individual approach to place and space. We aim to guide the students where they may be going professionally, developing their skills here at The Cass in the workshops and in the studios." Kaye Newman, Head of Cass Interiors.

  • Cass Visual Communication

    "Cass Visual Communications is an ever-changing area, but fundamentally it is graphic design and illustration though it is very cross-pollinated and collaborative. The industries range from print-based editorial work, to future facing interactive digital discoveries and narrative based illustration for branding and app design. So it’s a very broad area that embraces specialist approaches and also collaborative working methods." Susanna Edwards, Head of Cass Visual Communication.

  • Cities

    We should make our cities better. This is what we at The Cass are doing about that.

    We should make our cities better. This is what we at The Cass are doing about that.