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London Met invests in you: from our purpose-built newsroom to our state-of-the-art superlab, we aim to create a stimulating and unique learning environment for our students. Our courses have received top marks from the UK's Quality Assurance Agency and many are accredited by a wide range of professional bodies. Our lecturers are leaders in their field: in the latest Research Assessment Exercise, over two-thirds of the University’s research output was judged to be world-leading, internationally excellent or internationally recognised.

We go the extra mile with our investment. We do this through our five-star promise, our pledge to connect our students with opportunities to boost their career skills. We put employability at the heart of our curriculum through helping you find placements, work experience and voluntary opportunities across a wide variety of organisations.

London Met puts our students at the centre of all we do. We can help you with accommodation, funding, and general career advice. We also offer disability and dyslexia support, study planning and an on-site counselling service. Our support services are designed to ensure that you receive all the guidance you can during your time with us.

"London Metropolitan University exists to transforms lives. We take pride in helping students reach their goals and succeed in their future careers." Vice Chancellor John Raftery

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What our students say

Desislava Pavlova: student profile

Student Desislava Pavlova speaks about her time at London Met

"All tutors and university staff were helpful, friendly and had a positive attitude."

Babatunde Adetoye

MA Human Resource & Employment Management graduate

"My CIPD qualification (the HR professional body) on the course has also boosted my professionalism; I feel more confident to work with my suppliers, business partners and clients."

Hussam Aleshaiker: student profile

BA (Hons) Accounting and Finance graduate

"There were many amazing moments at London Met that I won’t forget, but the main highlight was that my course prepared me for the world of work."

Dr. Daniel Amund: student profile

PhD graduate, Food Science

"Undertaking a PhD has been very challenging, but also rewarding. I have learned about research, but also developed my writing and science communication skills, and gained an appreciation of the importance of networking."

Gwen Anderson: student profile

MA Fine Art (Painting)

"The workshops are like playgrounds for adults. The technicians and the school keepers are very friendly, and they really go out of their way to help out. Also at The Cass you get your own studio even if you are part time, on both the BA and MA."

Said Aris Tarabi: student profile

PhD in Counselling Psychology

"One thing that I value most about London Met is that the lecturers have always tried to do what was best for me, and I cannot thank them enough for the professionalism that they have exhibited."

Idris Arshad: student profile

MA Human Resource Management

"I support managers in leading and developing their teams, support staff in being effective in their work, and advise on policies and procedures."

Alima Begum: student profile

BSc Criminology and Youth Studies

"There’s lots of help and opportunities at London Met which makes it easier to study. I also enjoy the fact that my university isn’t far from home so the commute to lectures and work isn’t difficult."

Iwona Boesche: student profile

Common Professional Exam (CPE) graduate

"The moment I learnt about the possibility of mooting at London Met, I wanted to take part in it. Partly because it is - in some ways - similar to performing on stage, but mostly because I knew I wanted to be a barrister and mooting is an invaluable practice for future advocacy."

Ryan Conway: student profile

MSc Criminology

"The University has a terrific core group of criminology lecturers who both excite and motivate students, and the guest lecturers offer insights and documentary evidence of crimes and offenders that you won’t find in the papers or on television."

Priya Desai: student profile

BSc Biomedical Science

"I really wanted to get a good education at a renowned university - not only has London Met got a superlab, but my science course is Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) accredited so it will enhance my future training prospects."

Nick Francis: student profile

BA Music Industry Management

"Working as an ambassador for London Met has so far involved working at many of its great open events by representing the university to prospective students. It’s a great job and I would recommend it to anyone looking to join London Met."

Francesco Gaudesi

MPhil/PhD graduate

"London Met was the first to respond, and I was keen to start on the course."

Jason Jackson: student profile

LLB Business Law; BSc Business Law and Media Studies graduate

"My course played a very important role in preparing me for the work environment. I gained a lot of experience from my participation in various activities organised by the Students’ Union, as well as student societies."

Jana Jankova: student profile

BSc International Business Management

"To study International Business Management in such a multicultural and diverse environment was a wonderful experience. I also valued how lecturers interacted with us during workshops."

Julian Roberts: student profile

BA Marketing

"There are so many elements that have benefited me from the degree I did at London Met."

Kyle Dougherty: student profile

BA (Hons) Event Management and Public Relations

"London Met has lecturers who have been where you want to be, and who have the experience and knowledge to share with you and help you grow."

Damiano La Rocca: student profile

BA Event Management

"The diverse background of the businesses [at Accelerator] keeps us up to date with the latest innovations in the different sectors, giving the basic knowledge for every part of the business and free-advice from collegue entrepreneurs."

Natalie Lewkowicz: student profile

BA (Hons) Advertising, Marketing, Communications and Public Relations

"I feel as though I have had the right balance of support and independence given to me throughout my studies."

Guy Marshall-Brown: student profile

BA (Hons) Fine Art

"My course is full of lively tutors who enjoy encouraging the students to push and pursue artistic careers..."

Meyrem Fadel: student profile

Investment and Marketing

"It became very obvious to me that the University has some exceptionally great lecturers who genuinely go out of their way to advance the skills and knowledge of their students because they want to..."

Muzammil Al: student profile

MSc Finance and BSc Financial Mathematics graduate from London Met

Loan Nguyen: student profile

MSc Business Economics

"London has a lot more to offer than just a place to study. I believe what [students] would achieve would not only be academic expertise, but also new friends, new experiences."

Olga Dolinina

MA Sports Management

"The course gave me knowledge, expertise, confidence and a network of sport managers from all over the world."

Ondrej Mrklas

BA International Business Management

"I made tons of great friends at London Met, and three of them later became my business partners."

Patrick Hagenaar

Business Studies BA

"During university I did work experience at Sony Music in the marketing department and continued to work in the music industry at Ministry of Sound after graduating."


Economics and Finance BSc

"It's one of the best subjects to learn if you are wanting to pursue a career in investment banking, especially due to the exceptional use of the Bloomberg terminals (which I personally think is great for aspiring traders)."

Simas Janusas: student profile

Business Management BA

"London Met covers all the crucial subjects that employers are looking for in the graduates of today and the managers of tomorrow."

Tiziana Pagliara: student profile

Interview with an International Business Management BSc (Hons) student

"Becoming a Success Coach has significantly improved my interpersonal and communication skills as well as boosting my confidence."

Jegor Tokarevich: student profile

MSc Financial Risk Management

"The flexible MSc programme enabled me to study and gather full­-time professional experience which is key"

Winter Milek: student profile

BSc Hons Games Modelling, Animation, and Effects

"In my first year I was invited to three different games competitions, which led to some invaluable networking"