Two-year accelerated degrees

London Metropolitan University is developing an exciting new programme of two-year accelerated degrees. Accelerated degrees at London Met will allow you to:

  • complete an undergraduate degree in two years rather than three: fast-track to your profession – start your career sooner
  • be career focussed and prepare for professional entrance tests
  • save money on the living costs associated with education and the overall course fees
  • benefit from accelerated-degree fee waivers on specific courses where you are eligible

In which subjects are accelerated degrees going to be offered?

The three programmes we are looking to develop initially are:

1. Early Years Education BA (Hons)
2. Primary Education BA (Hons)

From these two courses you could progress to a PGCE / QTS course after two years rather than three, and we could guarantee you an interview if you apply for a PGCE with London Met. The course will support your preparation for the skills tests required for a PGCE / QTS course.

3. Medical Sciences BSc (Hons)

With this course you could progress to medical school after two years rather than three, and we would help prepare you for medical school entrance exams.

Is it equivalent to a normal three-year undergraduate degree?

Yes, absolutely. A two-year accelerated degree is an intensive degree programme and the final award is the same as the award that would be given at the end of an equivalent three-year degree. The intensity of learning is far greater than the intensity of learning on a three-year degree, and the course is designed for high achieving candidates who are looking to fast-track their career.

Is there financial support available and what will the fees be?

You may be able to benefit from fee waivers specific to accelerated degree students at London Met: for applicants starting with us in the 2018-19 academic year we plan to offer students on the Early Years Education BA (Hons) and Primary Education BA (Hons) a £2,000 fee waiver per year for each of the two years: the full, pre-discount fee will be £12,000 per year.

The fee for the Medical Sciences BA (Hons) will be £12,000 per year.

These fees and the fee waiver are subject to confirmation of government student funding for accelerated degree students: at present the University is waiting to find out how much government funding will be made available per year to accelerated degree students from the 2018-19.

For students who progress on to postgraduate study at London Met (eg the PGCE teacher training programmes) after completing any of the three accelerated degree courses, we currently offer a discount on course fees to alumni who go on to postgraduate study. This currently equates to a 10% discount on the cost for London Met students with a degree classification of 2:1 or below and a 20% discount for those with a first class honours degree.

Sounds great, when can I start?

We're looking to run three accelerated degree programmes in the subjects identified above from September 2018.

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I've still got questions...

If you have any questions about accelerated degree programmes we'd be happy to address them, please send our enquiries team a message stating clearly that you're interested in the accelerated degree programme.

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