Dietetics, food and human nutrition

London Metropolitan University is one of only two universities in London where you can study dietetics at either undergraduate or postgraduate level. On successful completion of either of these courses you will be eligible to apply for registration with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Situated within easy reach of the centre of the city with excellent transport links, London Met is one of the UK’s most diverse universities with students from over 170 countries. Find out more about studying at London Metropolitan University.

What is a dietitian?

Dietitians are uniquely trained to interpret scientific information about food and communicate this information in a practical, accessible way to individuals, groups and communities.  

The majority of dietitians start their careers in the National Health Service, either in a hospital or community setting, and later on in their careers will have the opportunity to specialise in a range of areas including paediatric dietetics, renal dietetics, diabetes, cancer therapy and public health nutrition. There are also opportunities for dietitians to work in a range of other areas such as the food industry, sports, education and research.

The British Dietetic Association (BDA) is the professional association for dietitians and you can find out more information about pursuing a career in dietetics on their website. At London Met we also run regular "Careers in Dietetics" events. These events are intended for those who have already applied to study dietetics or those who are currently in the process of applying to study dietetics. They provide prospective students the opportunity to gain an insight into the work of a dietitian.

Why study dietetics at London Met?

Our dietetics teaching team, in conjunction with all staff in the School of Human Sciences, are committed to supporting you in achieving your goal of working as a dietitian.

The team come from a wide range of backgrounds including specialist clinical dietetics, research and public health and are dedicated to equipping you to excel in the diverse opportunities that a career in dietetics can provide in the twenty-first century.

Dietetic students at London Met have access to outstanding teaching facilities including the world-class science centre that provides unparalleled facilities for teaching and research. You can find out more information about the facilities on offer to our students including the superlab, lifestyle clinic and food technology lab by visiting our facilities page.

The dietetics team at London Met also work closely with NHS London and dietitians working in a broad range of fields within NHS Trusts and private institutions across London to enhance the student learning experience. Practicing, specialist dietitians are involved in the delivery of academic modules to ensure that students gain an insight into both the most up-to-date evidence base and the challenges of delivering dietetic care. 

Students also complete a number of clinical placements throughout their academic programme within dietetic teams at the forefront of providing excellent dietetic care. Those studying at London Met are able to complete these placements in a diverse range of settings including world-renowned specialist centres, teaching hospitals and 15 NHS Foundation Trusts. Excellent student support is provided by University teams and clinical dietetic teams.

Food science

Food science is an essential part of the study of nutrition and consumer studies. Our Food Science MSc gives you the opportunity to study the subject to a higher level. The master's degree is recognised by the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST), the leading UK qualifying body for the subject and graduates may apply for associate membership. We encourage you to join the IFST whilst you are studying.

The course leader is a fellow of the Institute and one other member of the course team is a member and both sit on the committee of the South East Branch. The IFST organises a number of events during the year that you can attend, but there are also meetings with the Royal Society and the Society of Chemical Industry.

Human Nutrition

The study of Human Nutrition is recognised as important in the prevention of disease and it is the study of the influence of food intake on health. The human nutrition staff have a wide range of expertise ranging from whole body metabolic research, epidemiology, dietary assessment and clinical research and these interests are reflected in the BSc and MSc courses offered in this area.

The human nutrition staff are all registered nutritionists (RN) or registered public health nutritionists (RPHN) and the Human Nutrition BSc course has been accredited by the Association for Nutrition for a number of years. More recently both the Human Nutrition (Public Health / Sports) MSc routes have also been accredited by the Association for Nutrition. This allows students to apply for direct entry to the UK Voluntary Register of Accredited Nutritionists after they graduate. 

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Practice educator training

The aim of this Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programme is to provide training to meet a range of learning needs for both new and experienced practice educators across London.

Delegates will be sent handouts by email in advance of the workshops and asked to print these out and bring them along.

If you're interested in attending these events, book online using the links below. You will receive more specific details on the sessions nearer the time.

If you're unsure which session to attend, please contact

Programme of events

Introduction to practice education

A one-day course ideal for Band 5 Dietitians new to student training, anyone who is new to student training or has had a break from training and wishes to refresh their supervisory skills in training students on placement.

Topics covered:

  • the placement experience
  • teaching clinical skills – clinical reasoning and the dietetic care process
  • assessment of competence
  • expectations and benchmarks
  • communicating progress and providing feedback
  • placement programmes – including an introduction to peer-assisted learning

 Date: Introduction to practice education on Wednesday 24 January 2018, 9.30am-5pm at London Metropolitan University

Advanced Practice Educator workshop

A half-day workshop for dietitians new to the Student Lead role or for student supervisors wishing to enhance their skills in student training. Supervisors should have attended the ‘Introduction to Practice’ workshop before signing up to this event.May include the following topics:

  • preparing for student placements
  • programme planning and management
  • dietetic processes and various learning outcomes
  • managing challenging students
  • constructive feedback and dealing with failing or difficult student
  • managing students with additional needs

Please note: Attendees will be contacted in advance of the workshop with any requests. We will try to tailor the session to the needs of those attending on the day.

Date: Advanced Practice Educator Workshop on Wednesday 18 April 2018, 9am-1pm at London Metropolitan University

London Student Training Forum

Thank you to those who expressed interest in attending the Student Training Forum at London Met that was due to take place on 5 July. As the British Dietetic Association (BDA) is running its own student training forum later in the year, we decided at the recent stakeholders' meeting to cancel our event this year, as we would like to encourage London representation at the BDA event.

Please note

Bespoke sessions, facilitated by the placements team within departments, will only be undertaken if a quality issue has been identified or if a new programme is being established.

All requests should be submitted to for consideration by the London cluster placements team.

Once you've decided to apply for dietetics

The dietetic career events are intended for those who have already applied to study dietetics or those who are currently in the process of applying to study dietetics. They provide prospective dietetic students with the opportunity to gain insight into the work of a dietitian.

The next London Met Dietetic Career event will be held on Tuesday 9 January 2018 from 10am to 1pm.  Book your free place on Eventbrite.

Please note, these career events are organised by the University and the dietetic department. You are advised not to contact a different dietetic department to arrange dietetic shadowing.


After attending the session, you'll:

  • know the role of a dietitian and have explored possible career opportunities
  • gain insight into specialist dietetics in both the acute and primary care settings
  • understand the relationship between dietetics and the specialist dietary products industry
  • gain insight into patients' perspectives of healthcare and/or dietetics
  • be aware of the role of the British Dietetic Association (BDA)
  • understand the challenges and experiences of a newly qualified dietitian

Undergraduate courses in Dietetics, Food and Human Nutrition

Dietetics - BSc (Hons)

The Dietetics BSc degree is an intensive course, designed to support you in developing the necessary skills to become a dietitian in three years.

Dietetics and Nutrition - BSc (Hons)

This degree will help you develop the relevant knowledge and skills to become a dietitian. You'll study life and nutritional sciences, exploring the role of diet and nutrition in disease prevention and treatment.

Human Nutrition - BSc (Hons)

If you're passionate about improving human health through better nutrition and disease prevention, this course, accredited by the Association for Nutrition, will give you an excellent grounding in both scientific and applied public health nutrition.

Human Nutrition Extended Degree - BSc (Hons)

This extended degree in Human Nutrition includes a foundation year (Year 0), during which you'll gain the necessary background in key scientific disciplines and improve your confidence and motivation.

Postgraduate courses in Dietetics, Food and Human Nutrition

Dietetics and Nutrition - MSc

The MSc in Dietetics and Nutrition is an intensive course suitable for graduates with a scientific background wishing to pursue a career as a dietitian.