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"Cass 3D is a group of courses, but also a powerhouse for the understanding all three-dimensional design. It’s about the way people talk to each other through the objects they use, how objects can inform spaces and how people relate to each other." Marianne Forrest, Head of Cass 3D.


Cass 3D

3D at The Cass consists of 5 different disciplines (Fashion, Furniture, Jewellery and Silversmithing, Product Design and Textile Design) all, broadly, involved with creating objects destined for use.

Our courses consist of practical studio and workshop based making, in conjunction with design methods, thought process and contextual studies enabling a well-rounded practice. All levels include live projects where final presentations are carried out in a stimulating, real-world environment. These opportunities, to interact with industry leaders, are invaluable in the development of engaged professional practice within the university. 

Furniture Design at The Cass involves you in a range of design methods from the very source of creativity, expressed through drawing, to final construction- utilising our industry quality studios and workshops. We challenge the essence of furniture as a discipline, with industry projects helping develop the cultural context of furniture and its applications. The final results are ranges of furniture that span a broad range of contexts from domestic to corporate, interior and exterior products for real use.

Jewellery and Silversmithing is culturally engaged, with a mission to transform the way we view ourselves and the objects with which we are surrounded. We break, crush and transform stones, re- branding their preciousness and reforming them into new jewels for an alternative culture. We think about what we make and using materials as diverse as rubber and ceramics alongside metals, stones and enamels we give Jewellery & Silversmithing a new approach to designing and making precious objects.

Textile Design is central to the worlds of fashion, products and interiors; exploring the field with individual creativity through visual research, design and textile making. Practical sessions are based on workshop learning with projects in print, weave, knit and mixed media, using technological and traditional methods of design production in integrated studio and workshop projects.

Fashion is forged on an intellectual and conceptual engagement with cultures in the Haute Couture Fashion Houses of Paris, London, Milan and New York. Students engage very quickly with the realities of producing a show and develop a broad range of skills in the first two years leading towards their Final Major Project Catwalk show.

We are renowned for producing thoughtful skill-based expertise and high-quality subject-specific craftsmanship.  Our multi-disciplinary design studio environments exposes you to alternative ‘process’ methodologies, a broad range of technical workshops (both traditional and digital) and an educational philosophy that commands innovation in both design excellence and final outcome. Studio delivery supports a range of skills and includes valuable exposure to the industry.

Product Design at The Cass allows you the freedom to explore a wide range of design thinking and material culture. Interlinking and overlapping disciplines, live projects enable opportunities for collaborative working with practitioners from Architects to Textile. We challenge old forms of use and purpose; enhancing and encouraging the clever and articulate application of both form and function.



Furniture (FdA)
Jewellery and Silversmithing
Product Design
Textile Design


Fashion and Textiles
Product Design
MA by Project

Undergraduate Courses

Postgraduate Courses

Recent Successes


Anna Bates

Co-leader of Dissertation Studio 7: Dirty Furniture

Anna Bates (pictured middle) is a regular contributor to the international design press and former design editor of Icon magazine.

Vanja Bazdulj

Projects Coordinator, Cass Projects

Teaching in 3D studio Harvest (Furniture and Product Design) with Peter Marigold and Christopher Emmett.

Kelvin J. Birk

Jewellery as well as larger objects, mainly in silver and gold and crushed gemstones

Trained as a Gold and Silversmith in Germany and England and set up a studio in London in 1998.

Lisa Bloomer

Teaches on the BA (Hons) Textile Design

Textile designer and lecturer.

Mark Bloomfield

Teaches on the BA (Hons) Textile Design and BA (Hons) Jewellery and Silversmithing courses

Twenty five years of experience has enabled him to accumulate knowledge from technology research, film, TV, theatre and computer games production, academia, luxury and fashion.

Juliano Cordano

Design/shift project assistant

Joined the design/shift team to help to curate, build, organise and design The Cass summer show 2014.

Christopher Emmett

Deputy Head, School of Design

His ten years experience in Japan shaped much of his thinking and approach to design.

Marianne Forrest

Course Leader for BA (Hons) Jewellery & Silversmithing and Principal Lecturer for 3D Design & Craft 13/14

Developed an international reputation as a designer and maker of timepieces from the smallest wristwatch to huge pieces for town centres and public buildings.

Elizabeth Glickfield

Co-leader of Dissertation Studio 7: Dirty Furniture, writing about the material world

Elizabeth Glickfeld (pictured right) is a published design writer and has lectured in Design History at various universities in Australia and the UK.

Peter Hufton


Pete works in G25 the Woodmill at Commercial Road.

Peter Marigold

Teaches on Furniture and Product Design at The Cass.

Creator of innovative new product FORMcard.

Kate Payne


Teaches on the BA (Hons) Furniture & Product Design and FDA Furniture. Short course co-ordinator and Tutor on Furniture Making professional courses.

Gina Pierce

Teaches on the BA (Hons) Textile Design

Gina Pierce's work seeks to celebrate the very small, the overlooked, neglected and forgotten details of everyday life and our surroundings.

Rachael South

Teaches on AMUSF Modern and Traditional Upholstery Courses

Rachael has worked in various roles within the furniture and textile industry for 25 years.

Simone ten Hompel

Reader in Metal, Studio Leader of Assorted Jewels, MA by Project and PhD supervisor

As a practicing metalworker, ten Hompel has contributed to numerous group exhibitions around the world and presented her work in solo exhibitions in the UK and Internationally.

Adi Toch

Teaches on the BA (Hons) Textile Design and BA (Hons) Jewellery and Silversmithing and on short courses such as ‘From Metal Sheet to Hollow Form’

Adi has produced an intriguing body of work, including contemplative and tactile metal vessels, which invites the observer to touch and explore.

Sam Wingate

Teaches on BA (Hons) Textile Design and BA (Hons) Jewellery and Silversmithing studios

Working under the name of Mr Wingate, Sam produces a range of products for the home including hand printed textiles and fine bone china.

Heidi Yeo

Senior Lecturer BA Jewellery & Silversmithing and MA Jewellery

After graduating Heidi Yeo established a successful international jewellery practice working with such clients as Guggenheim Museum NY, MoMA San Francisco, The Royal Academy, Aquascutum and Selfridges in London.

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