Featured profiles from South Asia

Meet our students from South Asia

Meet our students from South Asia

  • Udaya Adhikari

    Master of Business Administration – MBA

    "The University presented a wide variety of programme choices and brilliant teachers to learn from. The education I received at London Met helped me understand modern-day consumers, their needs and evolving behaviour as well as changing business models."

  • Yuba Raj Baral

    International Health and Health Research Policy, PhD

    "Before joining London Met as a research student, I worked as a lecturer with the Population Gender and Development Programme in Pokhara University, Nepal, and was involved with various public health-related research projects in Nepal."

  • Priyanka Chakraborty

    Education MA

    "The Library is the best part of the University and is where I have spent my most precious time since being in London."

  • K. Kamlesh Jain

    Sports Therapy MSc

    "My major break came when I was offered the physio job for the Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) in the Indian Premier League (IPL)..."

  • Princee Kalra

    Human Nutrition (Public Health) MSc

    "Whatever I have learned the outcome is to strengthen and serve society at large."

  • Mahesh Kumar

    Master of Business Administration – MBA

    “The MBA at London Metropolitan University gave me global exposure that helped me advance from heading a small division in the company to my current position of Head of Business and CEO of Renault-TVS.”

  • Abbad Minhas

    Computer Science BSc

    "I was offered work as a software developer before leaving university and have worked in various different organisations such as Dods, Cerner and the NHS..."

  • Sujit Nair

    Master of Business Administration – MBA

    "Studying at London Met provided me with an opportunity to network with the best in the business and learn from talented and experienced individuals."

  • Adnan Pavel

    BEng Electronic and Communications Engineering

    "To change the world you have to lead from the front."

  • Salma Popalzai

    Master of Public Administration (MPA) – MA

    "Through studying at London Met, I have been introduced to some amazing people from whom I've learned so much; I will take some unforgettable memories of them back home. Thank you London Met!"

  • Kuldeep Pradhan

    Master of Business Administration – MBA

    "After my MBA I feel that I’ve been in the driving seat. I am much more confident to make life-changing decisions on my own.”

  • Sony Chandi Shrestha

    Pharmaceutical Science PhD

    "The best part of my research has been in overcoming the challenge in formulation and optimisation of a novel drug delivery system for the management of cardiovascular diseases."

  • Said Aris Tarabi

    Psychology PhD in Counselling

    "One thing that I value most about London Met is that the lecturers have always tried to do what was best for me, and I cannot thank them enough for the professionalism that they have exhibited."