Reading Complex Act I & II - Coordinates/Relocations

Event with talks, exercises and discussions by Amber Ablett and Eloise Jones of and Fatos Ustek; moderated by Nico de Oliveira.


Reading Complex Act I & II - Coordinates/Relocations

Saturday 12.05.2012, 3.00-5.30pm
The Showroom, London

Navigating from its two exhibition precursors, Reading Complex Act I&II – Coordinates/Relocations wishes to engage more directly and discursively with an audience on the subject of writing. Essentially concerned with the act of writing within an image-based society, we would like to question how we as viewers, readers and witnesses dissect alternative information and knowledge from a given situation, a presentation, a written account. What is the role of the writer and what motivates their responsibility to the act of writing?

Reading Complex Act I&II – Coordinates/Relocations invites a number of speakers whose practice shows a keen engagement with writing, and how the act of writing might perform a different, more ambiguous role in the field of contemporary art practice. Here, language and writing forms the host for projects that engage with the relationship between art and fiction, art and reality. This could be further considered as a conflict with and a movement from the loss of the documentary image to its recovery in the element of the fictional.

Through open discussion, we wish to engage with the ways in which meaning sets itself in thought, the way it plasticises itself as a body of knowledge not simply by analysis and interpretation, but rather as something we actively produce through our various practices.

Reading Complex Act I&II - Coordinates/Relocations is conceived by Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk and Catherine Y. Serrano

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