Obtaining a CAS from London Met  

How to obtain your CAS

If you need a Tier 4 visa for your course you need a Confirmation of Acceptance of studies (CAS). You will be notified when you can request your CAS using the “MY IMMIGRATION INFORMATION” in the applicant portal (Evision), which is usually available 3-4 months before the start of the course or semester you are joining.

In order to begin the CAS request process you will need to have accepted an Unconditional offer of study for your main academic course, and/or a pre-sessional English course (if applicable).

Obtaining your CAS

You need to work through all tasks in Evision "My Immigration Information" to obtain your CAS. You will be contacted when each part of the process is made available to you.

  • Upload your financial documentation -  Upload financial documents for review.

  • Review your DRAFT CAS - Confirm or correct the information we will send to the UK Home Office before we issue your Final CAS.

  • View and use your FINAL CAS - Review your FINAL CAS and print the final CAS details that have been issued to you.

What you need to do before requesting your CAS

Before you can request a CAS you will need to make your tuition fee payment and prepare your CAS application documents in PDF format for upload. You need to do this do this BEFORE entering "My Immigration Information" in the applicant portal (Evision).

You will be asked for your deposit payment information (and to upload a scanned receipt) as part of your CAS request. For most students this will be 50% of the course fee (Postgraduates), or 50% of your 1st year course fee (for Undergraduates), or 100% of the course fee English Language courses or other 1 semester courses.

Make your tuition fee payment

There are several methods of payment available to you, please read the important payment information to choose your method and read associated information. Sponsored Students or Scholarship Winners should also read this information to confirm the information needed to waive the deposit requirement, and to confirm your Sponsorship in your CAS request.

If you have not already made your deposit payment you can do so HERE

Prepare your documents

Once you have made your tuition fee payment, you should prepare all of your documents for upload to your record.

You will need a PDF copy of the following documents:

  • Your payment information  payment/sponsorship evidence (payment receipt(s)/official sponsorship letter)
  • Your current valid passport (photopage)
  • A copy of any previous/current UK Visa(s) (if you have studied in the UK previously)

Please ensure that all of the files you intend to upload are correctly titled according to their contents.

Completing your CAS request

Before starting your CAS request you should have made your tuition fee payment and prepared your documents for upload. Once you are ready you can enter "My Immigration Information" in the applicant portal (Evision) to complete your CAS request. 


Providing your documents

Please follow the following advice to ensure you correctly process your request.  

  • Log in to "My Immigration Information" in the applicant portal (Evision), your CAS request must be completed in one action (at one time)
  • Answer all questions relating to your CAS request and your immigration history
  • Provide the full details of your deposit payment/scholarship/sponsorship and follow the prompt to upload your payment evidence
  • Correctly input your passport information and upload your passport copy when prompted
  • Correctly input any previous UK visa information and upload corresponding visa copies when prompted

You must complete your CAS request (with screen confirmation) before your payment details will be verified by the Finance team. Email confirmation of your fee payment receipt will be sent to you when you payment has been confirmed. The payment processing time depends on the method of payment you have made (Some bank transfers and bank drafts can take up to 7 days to clear into the University’s account).


What happens next

When you have completed your CAS request, and your payment has subsequently been confirmed to you, the CAS processing team will take your CAS request forward and begin preparing your CAS details. Please see: CAS Processing times, for a brief estimation of Payment and CAS processing times.

For further advice about the next stage please refer to Review your DRAFT CAS and view your final CAS  

Review your DRAFT CAS

The review of you DRAFT CAS is your chance to tell us if there are any errors or omissions on your student record before we create your final CAS. You must log into "My Immigration information" in the applicant portal (Evision) to view and confirm if your details are correct or not.


Checking your DRAFT CAS details

You will be contacted when your DRAFT CAS is available to view.  We will ask you to confirm the details we have drafted for your CAS are correct, and you will be required to confirm them to us on screen.

When your draft CAS is issued you should ensure that you check the following details:

  • Your personal details, (e.g. Your full name should appear as it is listed on your passport)
  • Your passport details (your passport number and nationality)
  • Your course information (title, course dates, and study level)
  • Your tuition fee information, including what you have paid
  • Your qualification details, (Institution(s) names, subject(s) and result(s)/grade(s)
  • The Start Date and End Date of your course are correct,

PLEASE NOTE: We may also contact you to provide further information or documentation as part of the CAS process. If you receive an additional information request relating to your CAS, please respond to this with the utmost urgency, as failing to do so may delay the issue of your CAS.

View your final CAS

Once you have completed all previous you will receive an email to confirm that your final CAS has been issued and is ready for you to view, and to use to apply for your Tier 4 Student Visa application.

PLEASE NOTE: The Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) is an electronic record/reference number and not an official document. However, you will need your CAS number contained in your CAS statement when completing your application for a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa.  


Requirements for your FINAL CAS

You must satisfy all of the below requirements before your final CAS will be issued

  • Completed a CAS request 
  • Checked and confirmed your DRAFT CAS is correct
  • Provided financial documents that meet the tier 4 visa application financial requirements


Checking your FINAL CAS and applying for your tier 4 visa

When you obtain your Final CAS it is imperative you consider the following steps and advice:

  • Firstly, view and confirm receipt of your CAS in "My Immigration Information" in the applicant portal (Evision)
  • You can return to "My Immigration" to view and Print your CAS details at any time.
  • Have you prepared your finances in accordance with the Home Office's Tier 4 student Visa application requirements?
  • Do you have official copies of all of your documents in accordance with the Home Office's Tier 4 Visa application requirements?
  • Will your bank statements/financial documents still be valid when you submit your visa application? Remember that any statement/financial document(s) used, is valid for only 1 month from the closing balance indicated in the document. You must make your Visa application within this period.
  • When will you submit your Visa application? How long will your Visa application take?
  • Please read our Immigration and Arrival Advice for New Students for advice on applying for your visa from inside and outside of the UK.

Confirming your visa Outcome

We will monitor the status of the CAS we have issued to you and contact you to obtain updates on the progress of your visa application. Once you are granted a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa, you will be asked to upload a copy of your visa at "My Immigration Information" as part of the pre enrolment process. 

You will receive separate information about joining the University, and you can find some helpful advice on our webpages about preparing to move to London.

CAS processing times

The following information is provided as a guide and all processing times listed are approximate. We may ask you for further information during the CAS request process. Please respond promptly to avoid delays in obtaining your CAS.

You will receive an email at each stage and any point where action or information is required from you.

Stage Processing time 


Payment confirmation

Bank Transfers 5-10 working days
Bank Drafts 5-10 working days
Card Payments 3-5 working days
Telephone Payments 3-5 working days
Draft CAS issued After payment confirmation 7 - 10 working days
CAS amendment processed   After amendment requested  1-2 working days
Final CAS issued After Draft CAS confirmed and financial documents approved 1-2 working days


Need help from us?

You can contact our CAS Processing Team and International Student Advice Team with any questions.

CAS processing queries: pbsreply@londonmet.ac.uk

Visa Advice: adviceinternational@londonmet.ac.uk

(Please always give your name and student ID when contacting the University)


Helpful Links

United Kingdom Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA): Advice for International Students

United Kingdom Home Office: Applying for a Tier 4 (General) Student Visa


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