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The Human Rights and Social Justice Research Institute (HRSJ) was created in 2003 to facilitate multi-disciplinary research, policy analysis, training, teaching and consultancy. HRSJ focuses on applied research activities and seeks to generate collaboration between academics and practitioners from a range of disciplines including international relations, politics, law, social policy, health policy, sociology and philosophy with focus on human rights and social justice.

It is part of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities at London Metropolitan University and a member of the Association of Human Rights Institutes

The Institute carries out a broad range of national and international research, trainings and consultancies. Since 2007, HRSJ has developed a research strand on strengthening the security and protection for human rights defenders through teaching, training, policy and advocacy, research, conferences, seminars, consultations and publications to bring academic focus on support to the important work being done by human rights defenders worldwide in an increasingly dangerous climate. The Institute works closely with local and international partners, policy makers, think tanks, academic peers, students and human rights defenders to develop research in this field. HRSJ currently has a research strand concerned with addressing Human Rights Defenders at Risk.

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The Human Rights and Social Justice Research Institute (HRSJ)
Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities
London Metropolitan University
Tower Building, Room TM1-64
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