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RAGU (The Refugee Assessment and Guidance Unit) was set up in 1995 in order to improve the education and employment prospects of refugees and asylum-seekers with higher level education and / or professional qualifications from their own countries.

For the past 18 years, RAGU has provided a range of services for refugee professionals and refugee community organisations including short courses, accredited courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level, Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) support, work placement and employability programmes.

For the past three years RAGU has primarily focused on working with refugee health professionals.  

We believe that refugee professionals have a wide range of skills and experience and are a valuable though under-used potential resource in the UK workforce. RAGU’s range of services are focused on identifying an individual’s strengths and abilities and providing support towards achieving realistic and relevant educational and employment goals informed by labour market conditions. RAGU services include: individual specialist advice and careers guidance sessions, targeted employability training programmes, work placements, support into employment and management and administration of funding for refugee health professionals commissioned by NHS.

We aim to provide a safe and empowering environment in which refugees can enhance their communication skills, build self-confidence and find clear routes into appropriate education, vocational training or employment.  

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RAGU (Refugee Assessment and Guidance Unit) 
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