Ceramics – Calcutta House, rooms CMG-55, CMG-56 and CMG-57

Resources and Open Access



Pottery Wheel Pottery Wheel
Plaster mould making and casting
Plaster Lathe
Plaster Whurler
Glaze Spray unit
Clay sink
Large Extrusion Machine
Small Hand Extruder
Large Kilns x 2
Small Kilns x 3
Casting and Mould making: Vinamold


Central House CE5-01, CE5-02 and CEB-01


Fred Gatley

Open Access

Please see the schedule for access times.

Health and Safety

Basic entry requirements: Ceramics Health and Safety induction.

Personal Protective Equipment requirements:  Goggles, ear defenders and P3 masks.

Please note: You are required to have completed a technical induction prior to using these facilities.