3D model making - Calcutta House, room CMB-19

The Device, 3D model by Ramona Bittere and Nikol Pechova

Resources and open access

Facilities for 3D model making

Scroll saw
Disc, belt and small bobbin sanders
Pillar Drills
Vacuum formers
Power tools (Drills, grinders, belt sanders, hand routers, biscuit jointers)
Hot wire cutter
Acrylic Line bender
Light metalwork
Milling Machine (staff only)
Lathe (staff only)


Model making: Calcutta House, room CMB-19


Chris Hosegood 
Harvey Reehal

Open access

Please see the schedule on the door for access times.

Health and safety

Basic entry requirements: Level 1 Health and Safety induction.
Personal Protective Equipment requirements: Goggles and ear defenders provided.