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Fitness and recreation

The Active Lifestyles Programme is available to London Met students and staff to help build exercise and fitness into your daily life.
We have an extensive programme of fitness classes with a variety of exercise, holistic classes and recreational activities to choose from.

Active Lifestyles is a great opportunity to get involved in sporting and fitness activities that are fun and builds your overall health and fitness levels. Our staff are very helpful and friendly and will happily give you information on the classes and how to become a member.

Check out the benefits of taking part in Active Lifestyles:

  • Be happy! Exercise decreases the stress hormones and increases endorphins, therefore exercise makes you happy.
  • Think better! Exercise is a good workout for the brain as it increases the blood and oxygen flow to the brain and increases the chemicals that help cognition
  • More confidence! Help you to feel better about yourself and reduce stress - very useful around exam time.
  • Get healthy! Help to maintain a healthy weight in combination with a balanced diet.

With the Active Lifestyles programme being physically active is easier than you think, and when it comes to getting active, every little helps. View the Active Lifestyles Sports Brochure 2015  to see what's on offer.

With your card you can benefit from these classes and the use of one of our gyms with a wide range of state of the art cardiovascular equipment and fixed weight machines.

Active Lifestyles

Download the Sports Brochure 2015