Studios and Units archive 2013-14

Studios and Units archive 2013-14

This is an archive of the undergraduate studios and postgraduate units at The Cass for the academic year 2013/2014.

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Our studios evolve year on year. You can see details of older studios in our archive.




Design: 3D & Craft

Design: Graphic Communication

Design: Interiors

Architecture: Professional Diploma

The Cass Cities Unit

Mark Brearley, Lara Kinneir, Fenna Haakma Wagenaar and Adam Towle

Unit 2

Tony Fretton

Unit 3

EAST Julian Lewis, Dann Jessen, Judith Loesing, Richard Hall

Unit 4

Jonas Lundberg, Nate Kolbe & Eva Diu

Unit 6

Maurice Mitchell & Francesca Pont

Unit 7

David Grandorge and Colin Wharry

Unit 8

CHORA Raoul Bunschoten, Dirk Lellau, Henry Jones

Unit 9

Stephen Taylor Architects

Unit 11

DSDHA with Deborah Saunt, David Hills, Nicola Ibbotson & Matthew Lambert

Unit 14

Pierre d'Avoine & Colette Sheddick