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UCAS application information  

The Universities & Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS)

UCAS is the central applications board for Undergraduate applications for entry into higher education in the UK. UCAS also processes some applications into Postgraduate Humanities courses, and all UK Teacher Training applications.


How does UCAS work?

To submit an application through UCAS you must firstly register with UCAS and complete an application form online. When complete, the application is then sent electronically to the University or Universities (up to five) for the courses that the applicant has applied for. The institution then makes a decision on the application and that decision is relayed formally to the applicant. 


Why apply though UCAS?

UCAS is ideal for students who wish to apply to a variety of institutions, since only one application form is required. Up to 5 courses at 5 or less universities can be applied to initially, with the possibilty to apply to one more if you are unable to secure a place on any of the applications made by a given deadline.

Understanding how UCAS works 


You can submit a single UCAS application to 5 different courses/Universities (five choices). You must submit your application though the UCAS system by finding the course you are interested in and applying using the UCAS website. Find your course and apply in UCAS.

In order to submit an application to London Met, you will need the following details:

  • Our UCAS Institution code; L68
  • Our UCAS campus codes; G = Moorgate (city), O = Holloway (north), D = Aldgate (north)
  • The course code of the course you are interested in: Find your course and apply in UCAS 

The application will then be sent to each university you have applied to for the courses you have chosen and each university will then make a decision based on the information provided in your application. You will then be able to view the application(s) progress in UCAS Track.

UCAS Track

UCAS track is the online system managed by UCAS where a number of actions can be performed electronically, including the updating personal details, respond to decisions, and managing your application. To Log in you will need your UCAS Personal ID along with the password you used when applying.

UCAS Extra

If you have submitted five choices, but have either declined or been unsuccessful in each of your course applications, you can submit an "Extra" application to one more institution for one more course. You will be notified by UCAS if you are eligible for UCAS Extra which opens in February and closes early July. To find about UCAS extra see here: UCAS Extra


If you have obtained better grades (UCAS Tariff qualifications only) than for which your the conditional offer issued to you indicated, you can enter a period of "adjustment" to be considered at an alternative institution without giving up the offer you are holding. If this applies to you you should. Find out more here: UCAS Adjustment


Clearing is open to registered and non-registered UCAS applicants. It is your final opportunity through UCAS to apply for a place on a course that still has available places. Clearing begins in early August until October, but please ensure you observe the dates and deadlines for International students before submitting a clearing application through UCAS.

Decisions and your responses


When you receive a decision from London Met you will be notified officially through UCAS. In order to respond to an offer you must use your UCAS track login details to access your UCAS record.  

Deadlines of application decisions

The deadline for an institution to make a decision on your application depends on the date you submitted your application. Generally, the earlier your application was submitted, the earlier the deadline for a decision to be made will be, and if a decision is not made before the decision deadline, the application is automatically returned as unsuccessful. 

Making your choices and responses

If you have applied for more than one course and have been successful in receiving two or more offers on your application, you should carefully consider your choices before you make them. You will be able to make one firm choice and one additional insurance choice (if you have been made more than one offer) by login into your UCAS Track account. When you make your two choices all other offers at this stage are declined.

There are deadlines for which an applicant must respond to an offer once one has been made, and if the deadline passes without a response the offer is automatically declined on the applicant's behalf. Please be aware that once you formalise a choice in UCAS it can not be changed without the expressed permission of each of the institutions involved. You can view a table of some of the important UCAS deadlines on the next tab, but you should also check your UCAS track regularly for any upcoming deadlines.