Specialist facilities

Science Centre

Our £30 million Science Centre, featuring our ‘superlab’ with 280 workstations, offers a multitude of facilities. Benefit from specialist laboratories for tissue culture research and microbiology; a nuclear-magnetic resonance room; and a Category 3 laboratory suite for research on airborne or transferable viruses.

The Centre also features sports therapy study facilities, nutritional physiology and food technology labs, an international standard basketball court, a cybex room (where muscle power can be measured), phlebotomy labs and more.

Computing facilities

Students at the School of Computing have access to a number of exciting labs including: the GameLab studio, complete with programmable games machines connected to PCs; some of the most advanced Cisco labs in London; and a mobile applications lab with software that allows students to build apps for multi-platform smartphones.

Psychology facilities

The School of Psychology offers an excellent range of facilities including a psychophysiological lab with specialist Biopac physiological monitoring hardware and software, a health clinic with cameras for remote observation and a number of computing facilities with specialist software.