Fashion Accessories and Jewellery - BA (Hons) - Portfolio Guidelines

The purpose of the portfolio interview is to try and assess your potential and ability to benefit from the course. This will take the form of a discussion around your range of interests and focus on your portfolio of work. The interview is a two-way process: the interviewer wants to see what skills and interests you have, so it is important to spend some time preparing your portfolio.

Portfolio contents

Your portfolio should demonstrate evidence of your artistic and creative potential. You may show examples of work in any specialism of your choice, however you should demonstrate a potential for textile design throughout your work. Three-dimensional work can be presented as photographs, the content and quality of which will be considered important.

We welcome an example of sketchbook work to show your design thinking and ideas, along with drawing and experimentation with a variety of media (eg inks and paints) and techniques. It is also important to include a short written piece of work.