Alasdair MacIntyre's papers, 1980-1999

Papers, 1990s

Papers, 1980s

"Regulation: A Substitute for Morality", Hastings Center Report 10:1, 31-33, 1980. 

"The Wrong Questions to Ask About War" (review of Barrie Paskins & Michael Dockrill, The Ethics of War), Hastings Center Report 10:6, 40-41, 1980. 

"How Moral Education Came to Find its Place in the Schools", in National Humanities Center working paper 1: Ethics and Moral Education, National Humanities Center, 1980. 

"Contexts of Interpretation: Reflections on Hans-Georg Gadamer’s Truth and Method", Boston University Journal 26, 173-78, 1980. 

"The American Idea", in David Noel Doyle & Owen Dudley Edwards eds., America and Ireland, 1776-1976: The American Identity and the Irish Connection, Greenwood Press, 57-68, 1980. 

"Rumpelstilskin’s Rules", Wellesley Wragtime, December, 6, 1980. 

"Alasdair MacIntyre on the Claims of Philosophy" (review of Richard Rorty, Philosophy and the Mirror of Nature; Stanley Cavell, The Claim of Reason: Wittgenstein, Skepticism, Morality and Tragedy; Ted Honderich & Myles Burnyeat, Philosophy As It Is), London Review of Books, June 5, 15-16, 1980. 

"The Idea of America" (review of Garry Wills, Inventing America: Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence), London Review of Books, November 6, 14, 1980. 

"Ayer, Anscombe and Empiricism" (review of G.E. MacDonald ed., Perception and Identity: Essays Presented to A. J. Ayer with his Replies to Them, and Cora Diamond & Jenny Teichman eds.,Intention and Intentionality: Essays in Honour of G.E.M. Anscombe), London Review of Books, April 7, 9-10, 1980. 

"John Stuart Mill’s Forgotten Victory" (review of J.S. Mill, ed. J.M. Robson, An Examination of Sir William Hamilton’s Philosophy), London Review of Books, October 16, 13-14, 1980. 

Review of The Greek Concept of Justice: From Its Shadow in Homer to Its Substance in Plato by Eric Havelock, American Historical Review 85, 605, 1980. 

"The Nature of the Virtues: From Homer to Benjamin Franklin", Hastings Center Report 11:2, 27-34, 1981. 

"Dr. Küng’s Fiasco" (review of Hans Küng, Does God Exist?), London Review of Books, February 5, 7-8, 1981. 

"Strangers" (review of Vincent Descombes, Modern French Philosophy), London Review of Books, April 16, 115-16, 1981. 

"Pluralistic Philosophy" (review of Robert Nozick, Philosophical Explanations), New York Times Book Review 86:38, September 20, 7 & 34, 1981. 

Review of Truth, Love and Immortality: An Introduction to McTaggart’s Philosophy by Peter T. Geach, Ethics 91, 667-68, 1981. 

Review of The Teaching of Ethics in the Social Sciences by Donald P. Warwick, Teaching Philosophy 4:2, 170-71, 1981. 

Review of Early Auden by Edward Mendelson, The Birds of the Air by Alice Thomas Ellis, and A Community of Character by Stanley Hauerwas, Commonweal, December 4, 691, 1981. 

Alasdair MacIntyre and 11 others, Experimentation in the Law: Report of the Federal Judicial Center Advisory Committee on Experimentation to Chief Justice Warren Burger, Federal Judicial Center, 1981. 

"How Moral Agents Became Ghosts, Or Why the History of Ethics Diverged from that of the Philosophy of Mind", Synthese 53, 295-312, 1982. 

"Risk, Harm, and Benefit Assessments as Instruments of Moral Education", in Tom L. Beauchamp et al. eds., Ethical Issues in Social Science Research, Johns Hopkins UP, 1982. 

"Philosophy, the ‘Other’ Disciplines, and Their Histories: A Rejoinder to Richard Rorty", Soundings65:2, 127-45, 1982 (reprinted in J. Tartaglia ed., Richard Rorty vol. 2, Routledge, 2009). 

"Comments on Frankfurt", Synthese 53, 291-94, 1982. 

"Philosophy and its History", Analyse & Kritik: Zeitschrift für Sozialwissenschaften 4:1, 102-13, 1982. 

"Intelligibility, Goods, and Rules", Journal of Philosophy 79, 663-65, 1982. 

"Contemporary Moral Culture", in Catholic Commission on Intellectual and Cultural Affairs Annual 1982, Catholic Commission on Intellectual and Cultural Affairs, 26-34, 1982. 

"Public Virtue" (review of Garry Wills, Explaining America: The "Federalist", and J. David Hoeveler Jr., James McCosh and the Scottish Intellectual Tradition), London Review of Books, February 18, 14, 1982. 

"Good for Nothing" (review of Elizabeth Dipple, Iris Murdoch: Work for the Spirit), London Review of Books, June 3, 15-16, 1982. 

"Hannah Arendt as Thinker" (review of Elisabeth Young-Bruehl, Hannah Arendt: For Love of the World), Commonweal 109:15, September 10, 471-72, 1982. 

"After Bertrand Russell" (review of A.J. Ayer, Philosophy in the Twentieth Century), New York Times Book Review, November 28, 3 & 26, 1982. 

Review of Religion and Public Doctrine in England by Maurice Cowling, Political Theory 10, 129-32, 1982. 

Review of Moral Philosophy at Seventeenth Century Harvard by Norman Fiering, William and Mary Quarterly 39, 687-89, 1982. 

"Moral Rationality, Tradition, and Aristotle: A Reply to Onora O’Neill, Raimond Gaita, and Stephen R.L. Clark", Inquiry 26, 447-66, 1983. 

"The Indispensability of Political Theory", in David Miller & L.A. Siedentop eds., The Nature of Political Theory, Oxford UP, 17-33, 1983. 

"To Whom is the Nurse Responsible?", in Catherine P. Murphy & Howard Hunter eds., Ethical Problems in the Nurse-Patient Relationship, Allyn & Bacon, 78-83, 1983. 

"Moral Arguments and Social Contexts", Journal of Philosophy 80:10, 590-91, 1983 (reprinted as "Moral Arguments and Social Contexts: A Response to Rorty", in Robert Hollinger ed.,Hermenteutics and Practice, University of Notre Dame Press, 1985). 

"The Magic in the Pronoun 'My'" (review of Bernard Williams, Moral Luck), Ethics 94:1, 113-25, 1983. 

Review of Beyond Marxism by Vrajendra Ray Mehta, Political Theory 11, 623-26, 1983. 

Review of Sartre by Peter Caws, Journal of Philosophy 80:12, 813-17, 1983. 

Are There Any Natural Rights? (pamphlet: Charles F. Adams Lecture, 1983), Bowdoin College, 1983. 

"Bernstein’s Distorting Mirrors: A Rejoinder", Soundings 67, 30-41, 1984. 

"After Virtue and Marxism: A Response to Wartofsky", Inquiry 27:2-3, 251-54, 1984. 

"The Relationship of Philosophy to its Past", in Richard Rorty, J.B. Schneewind & Quentin Skinner eds., Philosophy in History: Essays on the Historiography of Philosophy, Cambridge UP, 1984. 

"Does Applied Ethics Rest on a Mistake?", The Monist 67:4, 498-513, 1984. 

"The Claims of After Virtue", Analyse & Kritik: Zeitschrift für Sozialwissenschaften 6:1, 3-7, 1984 (reprinted in Kelvin Knight ed., The MacIntyre Reader, Polity Press / University of Notre Dame Press, 1998). 

"Philosophy and Politics", in J.L. Capps ed., Philosophy and Human Enterprise: USMA Class of 1951 Lecture Series, 1982-3, United States Military Academy, West Point, 1984. 

Review of David Hume: Common-Sense Moralist, Sceptical Metaphysician by David Fate Norton,Noûs 18, 379-82, 1984. 

Review of Ethica Thomistica: The Moral Philosophy of Thomas Aquinas by Ralph McInerny,Teaching Philosophy 7:2, 168-70, 1984. 

Is Patriotism a Virtue? (pamphlet: E.H. Lindley Lecture, 1984), University of Kansas, 1984 (reprinted in Richard J. Arneson ed., Liberalism vol. 3, Edward Elgar, 1992; Markate Daly,Communitarianism: A New Public Ethics, Wadsworth, 1994; Ronald Beiner ed., Theorizing Nationalism, State University of New York Press, 1995; Michael Rosen & Jonathan Wolff eds.,Political Thought, Oxford UP, 1999; German trans., "Ist Patriotismus eine Tugend?", inKommunitarismus, Campus, 1993; Czech trans., "Je patriotismus ctnosti?", in Janos Kis ed.,Soucasna politicka filosofie, 1997). 

"Rights, Practices and Marxism: Reply to Six Critics", Analyse & Kritik: Zeitschrift für Sozialwissenschaften 7, 234-48, 1985. 

"Relativism, Power, and Philosophy", Proceedings of the American Philosophical Association 59:2, 5-22, 1985 (reprinted in Kenneth Baynes, James Bohman & Thomas McCarthy eds., After Philosophy: End or Transformation?, MIT Press, 1987). 

"How Psychology Makes Itself True - or False", in Sigmund Koch & David E. Leary eds., A Century of Psychology as Science, McGraw-Hill, 1985. 

Review of The Moral Psychology of the Virtues by N.J.H. Dent, Review of Politics 47:3, 436-38, 1985. 

Review of The Legitimacy of the Modern Age by Hans Blumenberg, American Journal of Sociology90, 924-6, 1985. 

Review of Goods and Virtues by Michael Slote, Faith and Philosophy 2:2, 204-07, 1985. 

"Positivism, Sociology and Practical Reasoning: Notes on Durkheim’s Suicide", in Alan Donagan, Anthony N. Perovich Jr. & Michael V. Wedin eds., Human Nature and Natural Knowledge: Essays Presented to Marjorie Grene on the Occasion of her Seventy-Fifth Birthday, Kluwer, 1986. 

"Which God Ought We to Obey and Why?", Faith and Philosophy 3:4, 359-71, 1986. 

"The Intelligibility of Action", in Joseph Margolis, M. Kraus & R.M. Burian eds., Rationality, Relativism and the Human Sciences, Martinus Nijhoff, 63-80, 1986. 

"The Humanities and the Conflicts Of and With Traditions", in Tamar March & Gary E. Overvold eds., Interpreting the Humanities, Woodrow Wilson Educational Foundation, Princeton University, 1986. 

Review of Slavery and Human Progress by David Brion Davis, and Bribes by John T. Noonan Jr.,Ethics 96, 429-31, 1986. 

Review of The Theory of Will in Classical Antiquity by Albrecht Dihle, Ancient Philosophy 6, 242-45, 1986. 

How to Be a North American (pamphlet), Federation of State Humanities Councils, 1987. 

"The Idea of an Educated Public", in Graham Haydon ed., Education and Values: The Richard Peters Lectures, Institute of Education, University of London, 1987 (Spanish trans., "La idea de un público educado", Revista de Education 292, 119-36, 1990; "La idea de una communida ilustrada",Diàlogo Filosósofico 21, 324-42, 1991; German trans., "Die Idee einer gebildeten Offentlichkeit",Zeitschrift für Padagogik 28, 1992). 

"Philosophy: Past Conflicts and Future Direction", Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association supp. to vol. 61, 81-87, 1987. 

"Practical Rationalities as Forms of Social Structure", Irish Journal of Philosophy 4, 3-19, 1987 (reprinted in Kelvin Knight ed., The MacIntyre Reader, Polity Press / University of Notre Dame Press, 1998). 

"Post-Skinner and Post-Freud: Philosophical Causes of Scientific Disagreements", in H. Tristram Engelhardt Jr., & Arthur L. Caplan eds., Scientific Controversies: Case Studies in the Resolution and Closure of Disputes in Science and Technology, Cambridge UP, 1987. 

"Can One Be Unintelligible to Oneself?", in Christopher McKnight & Marcel Stchedroff eds.,Philosophy in its Variety: Essays in Memory of François Bordet, Queen’s University of Belfast, 23-37, 1987. 

"John Niemeyer Findlay", Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain 16, 4-7, 1987. 

"Traditions and Conflicts", Liberal Education 73:5, 6-13, 1987. 

"Sôphrosunê: How a Virtue Can Become Socially Disruptive", in Peter A. French, Theodore E. Uehling & Howard K Wettstein eds., Ethical Theory: Character and Virtue, University of Notre Dame Press (Midwest Studies in Philosophy 13, 1-11), 1988. 

"Imaginative Universals and Historical Falsification: A Rejoinder to Professor Verene", New Vico Studies 6, 21-30, 1988. 

"How to Teach Belief?", The Maine Scholar 1, 17-30, 1988. 

"Rival Justices, Competing Rationalities", This World 21, Spring, 78-87, 1988.

"Poetry as Political Philosophy: Notes on Burke and Yeats", in Verene Bell & Laurence Lerner eds.,On Modern Poetry: Essays Presented to Donald Davie, Vanderbilt UP, 1988 (reprinted in Alasdair MacIntyre, Selected Essays vol. 2: Ethics and Politics). 

Review of Visions of Virtue in Tokugawa Japan: The Kaitokudo Merchant Academy of Osaka by Tetsuo Najita, Ethics 98:3, 587-88, 1988. 

The Objectivity of Good (pamphlet; Kathryn Fraser MacKay Memorial Lecture, 1988), St. Lawrence University, 1993. 

Alasdair MacIntyre & Eduardo Nolla Blanco, "Qué puede aprender la Nueva Europa de la vieja América?", Vientiuno 1, 74-85, 1989.

"The Gifford Lectures: Some Modest Proposals", Scots Philosophical Newsletter 3, October, 4-6, 1989.

Review of Human Character and Morality by Stephen D. Hudson, Noûs 23, 389-90, 1989. 

Papers, 1990s

"Moral Dilemmas"Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 50 supp. vol. 1, 367-82, 1990. 

"Individual and Social Morality in Japan and the United States: Rival Conceptions of the Self",Philosophy East and West 40, 489-97, 1990. 

"The Privatization of Good: An Inaugural Lecture", Review of Politics 52, 344-61, 1990 (reprinted in C. F. Delaney ed., The Liberalism-Communitarianism Debate: Liberty and Community Values, Rowman & Littlefield, 1-17, 1994; German trans., "Die Privatisierung des Gutens", in Axel Honneth ed., Pathologien des Sozialen: Die Aufgaben der Sozialphilosophie, Fischer, 1994). 

"Rejoinder to My Critics, Especially Solomon", Review of Politics 52, 375-77, 1990. 

"The Form of the Good, Tradition and Enquiry", in Raimond Gaita ed., Value and Understanding: Essays for Peter Winch, Routledge, 1990. 

"The Return to Virtue Ethics" and, in debate with John Finnis, "Pastoral Concerns: Faith, Natural Law and Virtue", both in Russell E. Smith ed., The Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Vatican II: A Look Back and a Look Ahead, The Pope John Center, 1990. 

"Después de Tras la Virtud", Atlántida 1:4, 87-95, 1990. 

Review of Contingency, Irony, and Solidarity by Richard Rorty, Journal of Philosophy 87, 708-11, 1990. 

Review of The Abuse of Casuistry: A History of Moral Reasoning by Albert R. Jonsen & Stephen Toulmin, Journal of the History of Philosophy 28:4, 634-35, 1990. 

"Community, Law, and the Idiom and Rhetoric of Rights", Listening: Journal of Religion and Culture 26, 96-110, 1991. 

"Précis of Whose Justice? Which Rationality?", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 51:1, 149-52, 1991 (reprinted in Kelvin Knight ed., The MacIntyre Reader, Polity Press / University of Notre Dame Press, 1998). 

"Reply to Roque", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 51:3, 619-20, 1991. 

"Reply to Dahl, Baier and Schneewind", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 51, 169-78, 1991. 

"I"m Not a Communitarian, But...", The Responsive Community 1:3, 91-92, 1991. 

"Persons and Human Beings" (review of Christopher Gill ed., The Person and the Human Mind: Issues in Ancient and Modern Philosophy), Arion third series 1:3, 188-94, 1991. 

"How to Seem Virtuous Without Actually Being So", Centre for the Study of Cultural Valuesoccasional papers series no.1, Lancaster University, 1991 (reprinted in J. Mark Halstead & Terence H. McLaughlin eds., Education in Morality, Routledge, 1999). 

"Nietzsche O Aristotele?", in Giovanna Borradori, Conversazioni Americane, Editori Laterza, 1991 (English trans., "Nietzsche or Aristotle?", in Borradori, The American Philosopher: Conversations with Quine, Davidson, Putnam, Nozick, Danto, Rorty, Cavell, MacIntyre, and Kuhn, University of Chicago Press, 1994; reprinted in Kelvin Knight ed., The MacIntyre Reader, Polity Press / University of Notre Dame Press, 1998). 

"How is Intellectual Excellence in Philosophy to be Understood by a Catholic Philosopher? What has Philosophy to Contribute to Catholic Intellectual Excellence?", Current Issues in Catholic Higher Education 12:1, 47-50, 1991. 

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"An Interview With Alasdair MacIntyre", Cogito 5, 67-73, 1991 (conducted by Gordon Reddiford & William Watts Miller; reprinted in Kelvin Knight ed., The MacIntyre Reader, Polity Press / University of Notre Dame Press, 1998, and in Andrew Pyle ed., Key Philosophers in Conversation: The Cogito Interviews, Routledge, 1999). 

Review of The Tradition of Scottish Philosophy by Alexander Broadie, Philosophical Quarterly 41, 258-60, 1991. 

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Review of An Introduction to Metaphysics of Knowledge by Yves R. Simon, American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 65, 112-14, 1991. 

Review of The Fabric of Character: Aristotle’s Theory of Virtue by Nancy Sherman, Mind, 100, 415-16, 1991. 

Review of The Idea of Political Theory: Reflections on the Self in Political Time and Place by Tracy B. Strong, Ethics 101, 878-79, 1991. 

Review of Philosophy and the Spontaneous Philosophy of the Scientists and Other Essays by Louis Althusser, Isis 82:3, 603-04, 1991. 

Review of Moral and Spiritual Cultivation in Japanese Neo-Confucianism: The Life and Thought of Kaibara Ekken, 1630 - 1714 by Mary Evelyn Tucker, Ethics 101:2, 441, 1991. 

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