Student collection

Student projects, dissertations and theses on all aspects of the Irish experience in Britain. Whilst most of the work in this collection is of undergraduate level, much of it covers topics unresearched or under-researched elsewhere. The Archive welcomes copies of student research on any subject related to the Irish in Britain.


ADLER, David Christian - Second Generation Irish Children in a London Primary School.: A Case Study (1993) 

BAKER, Steven - The (Post) Colonial Mind and the Health of the Irish in London (2000) 

BARRY, Geraldine - "An Oversight": The Experience of Irish Women with Mentally Handicapped Children, Born in the 60s and 70s in London (1998) P 

BARRY, Mary Joe - The Position and Experiences of Irish Labour in London: The Case of the Professional Middle Class (1995) P 

BAXTER, Nuala - A Study on the Establishment, Evolution and Diversification of Irish Centres in London, in Relation to the Community's Needs (1999) P 

BEGLEY, Aisling - The Irish in Oxford: A Study of the Level of Assimilation of the Irish Born in Oxford (1996) 

BEGLEY, Don - Two Of A Kind: An Insight Into The Northern Irish (1997) P 

BENNETT, Michael - "Going Home?" 

BRACKEN, PAUL - Arsenal's Irish (1997) 

BRADLEY, Kieran - Alcoholism in the Irish in Britain (1993) 

BRANNIGAN, Fiona - Culture, Tradition and Identity Amongst Second Generation Irish Persons (1993) 

BREATNACH, Diarmuid - Irish Studies in Inner London Boroughs: Courses and Students (1979-1982) (1993) 

BROOKS, Kevin - Mental Illness and the Irish in England (1999) D 

BROWN, Felicity A. - The Making of Irish Tories (1994)

BROWNE, Eileen - Camogie and Irish Women's Identity in London(1993) P 

BROWNE, Eileen - Irish Women and Leisure: An Inquiry into the Leisure Activities of Irish Women Based in North London (1994) 

BUNCE, Nick - Irish Theatre in London: "Boom or Gloom" (1998) P 

BURGESS, P - A Report on the Irish and Mental Illness (1993) 

CANAVAN, Mairead - The Irish Community in Luton: Searching For Evidence Of Their Health Needs (1999) D 

CAREY, Martin - Domestic Violence Experienced by Irish Women (1997) P 

CARRIG, Anne - How Irish Women Survive Domestic Violence In A British Context (1997) 

CARROLL, A.J. - A Study of the Role of Religious Orders in the Catholic Education System of the Diocese of Westminster (1996) 

CASEY, Paula - Irish Women's Sexuality in Contemporary London (1999) P 

CONLON, Tom - 'Candle in theWindow' or 'Pain in the Diaspora'? (1996)

CONWAY, R. - Why People Decide to Study the Irish Language in Britain P 

COOKE, Gemma - Irish Elders in London (1998) P 

COOKE, Maria - Reflections of London Irish Emigrants on their Catholic Background (1993) P 

CORDUFF, Ethel - Invisible Problems?: The Health of the Irish in London (1995) D 

DANAHER, Nessan J.E. - The Irish in Leicester, c1841 to c.1891: A Study of a Minority Community in the East Midlands (1999) T 

DELANEY, Michael - A Study of how the 'Peace Process' has Affected Attitudes Towards the Irish in London (1997)

DELANEY, Robert - A Clash of Cultures: Perceptions of Irish Travellers in the London Borough of Hackney (1993) P 

DOHERTY, Siobhain - Irish Attitudes towards Irish Women who had Children Out of Wedlock and who now Live in London (1995) 

DOHERTY, Siobhain - Irish Women's Best Kept Secret: The Abortion Story (1995) 

DORAN, Mary - We Two Are One: Discrimination and Irish Men in the 1980s (2000) 

DORAN, Tina - "The Irish economy is more prosperous than ever and for the first time immigration is higher than emigration". Assess why for many of the Irish in London returning home is not an option P 

DUNNE, E.L. - How Irish are Middle Class Immigrants? (1995) 

DUNNE, Jackie - "Identity 0r Non-Identity?" (1993) P 

DUTHIE, Kathleen - Evacuation of Irish Children during World War Two (1994) P 

EDWARDS, Ruth - Socialized And Patronized: The Irish in London (1993) P 

EGAN, J.J. - The Memoirs of John O'Neill, 1778-1858: "Fifty Years Experience of an Irish Shoemaker in London" - A Descriptive Analysis (1993) 

EMERY, L.S. - Mental Health within the Irish Community (1994) 

FAHEY, Niamh - Over and Out: A Focus On The Irish Gay and Lesbian Community in London (1998) P 

FARREL, Davyd - Irish Soccer Players in London Suffer Prejudice and Racial Abuse against them but to what Degree? (1997) P 

FARROW, Susan - Irish Women in London: A Nursing Perspective (1996) P 

FARROW, Susan A. - The Fiction of Edna O'Brien: The Feminist and Autobiographical Discourses of the Country Girls Trilogy (1997) 

FEIGHERY, William - Journeys in Space and Time: A Study of London Irish Attitudes to Home and Family (1996) P 

FENNELLY, Gerard - Perceptions of Irish Women in London (1997) P 

FIELDING, Joanna - The Success of the Irish in the Construction Industry (1996) P 

FINN, Deidre - The Catholic Church and the Irish Community in Britain 

FITZPATRICK, Mary - Irish in Camden: A Community in Need (1997) D 

FLAHERTY, Ellen - The Irish Language and its Position as a Minority Language 

FLYNN, Bernadette - Irish Teachers and Pupils in North London Secondary Schools (1994) 

FLYNN, Geraldine - The Response of the Catholic Church to the Irish Migrants in the 1950s (1996) D 

FLYNN, Geraldine - Is it more difficult for the Irish in the 1990s to improve their Housing Situation in London? (1995) P 

FOLAN, Martin - A Case Study of the Connolly Association 1939-1994 (1997) D 

FOSSETT, Richard - The Prevention Of Terrorism Act (1994) P 

FOX, Sean - The Second Generation and Identity (1994) 

GALLAGHER, Colin - The Gaelic Athletic Association in London (1993) P

GARLAND, Stephen - Mental Health and Ethnicity in Britain: An Irish Dimension (2000) D 

GIRAUD-GUIGUES, Luc - Des Londoniens qui Parlent Irlandais: Etude Quantitative des Résultats d'une Enqu ête par Questionnaire R éalis ée dans le Cours de Langue Irlandaise à Londres au Primtemps 1994(1994) 

GRAY, Steven - Irish Traditional Music And Irish Traditional Musicians in London (1993) 

GRAY, Steven - The Seeds Of Fear and Mistrust (1994) 

GREEN, Silas - The Users and the Uses of the Irish Print Media in London (1996) P 

GUNN, Fiona - Irish Nurses Living and Working in London (1993) P 

HALL, Kenneth - Attitudes Within the Irish Community to Traditional Irish Music in London (1997) P 

HALL, Sean - The Homeless Irish in London (1995) 

HAREN, Kate - Builders, Chancers and the Dole: Some Contemporary Aspects of Irish Building Workers in London, 1950s -1990s (1993) 

HARNETT, Jackie - Second Generation Experience and the Question of Identity: A Case Study (1991) P 

HARTIGAN, Maureen - The Irish in Lancashire c.1840-1880 (1982) 

HARVEY, Sharon - To What Extent does Seven Kings Represent an Irish Area? (1998) 

HAYES, Clare - Alcohol and Homelessness amongst the Irish in Cambridge 

HEALY, Julianne - "Irish Theme Bars are Everywhere!" A Study into the Latest Phenomenon to Sweep the World (1997) D 

HEAVIN, Mary - A Study of the Attitude of Second Generation Irish Youth (Children of the 1950s and 1960s Irish Migrants to London) to their Irish Identity and Culture (1991) 

HOILAND, Thor - Racism Towards The Irish (1997) 

HOPKINS, Martin - "Those Damn Hooligans!": London, The Irish and Law and Order (1997) 

HUGHES, Joanna - Entertainment and the Irish Community (1993) P 

JOHNSON, Haley - Everyday Irish Women's Experiences (1998) P 

JOHNSON, Peter - "The Irish Descent: A Group Identity?" (1997) D 

JOYCE, Catherine - The Irish Elderly in London (1993) P 

KAVANAGH, Cormac - A Study of National University of Ireland Graduates Resident in London and Their Voting Habits (1993) 

KAVANAGH, Cormac - "Don't Mention the War": The Contribution of Neutral Eire's Volunteers to the British Armed Forces during the Second World War (1996) 

KAVANAGH, R - London Irish Community Radio. A Research Report (1997) P 

KEARNEY, Carol - "Our First Year in London": The Experiences of Post-war and 1980s Irish Emigrants in London (1997) P 

KEARNEY, P. - Construction Industry: Literary Review (1997) 

KELLY, Michael - An Investigation into the Reasons for Mass Emigration from Ireland to London in the 1950s (1998) 

KEOGH, Thomas - Representations of Irishness in Cinema: The Irish in London Perspective P 

KHAMIS al-RUMAYTHI, Josephine - The Irish Post's Letters Page as "The Voice 
of the Irish in Britain"

KING, Sharon - 1980s Irish Women's Migration in the London Borough of Camden (1998) 

KUMAH, Johnny - The Irish Ethnic Minority (Group) within the London Borough of Camden (1998) P 

LANDERS, Thomas - One For The Road: A Study of Young Men and Alcohol (1994) P 

LANGAN, Jane - Broadcasting and Identity: Licenced to Represent the London Irish (1994) P 

LEAHY, Michael - The Skibbereen and District Association of London(1993) 

LOMASNEY, Michelle - A Cry In The Dark (Irish Women and Abortion in Britain) (1993) P 

LOWTHER, Elizabeth - Irish Leisure Activities Of The 1950s And 1960s with Reference to the Dance Halls (1996) D 

LYNCH, Noelle - A Study of Young Irish Mothers Alone in London: Their Socio-Economic Profile (1995) D 

MADINE, Ian - Irish Traditional Music in Public Houses in London in the Post-War Period (1997) P 

MACAULAY, Mary, F. - Immigration of the Unskilled Manual Worker to Cricklewood: (Focusing on the Hardship and Devastation Caused to These Workers Engaged in the Building Trade by the Recession in the 1990s) (1998) 

MAC NEELY, Fiona - Domestic Violence and the Irish Community in Brent (1993) P 
MAC NEELY, John - The Future of Services and The Irish Community of Brent (1997) P 

MAC NEELY, John - Change! 

MAGUIRE, Siobhan - Simultaneous Invisibility: The Experience of Irish Carers of Children With Disabilities in London (1998) 

MAGUIRE Siobhan - The Anti-Internment League (1999) D 

MAGUIRE-SALMON, Sharon - The Irish and Polish Communities in London: A Comparative Study of the Immigrant Experience (1993) P 

MASSEY, Stuart - The Irish in Tooting (1998) P 

MAURICE-FITZPATRICK, Jill - Is it Beneficial to Have Local Irish Communities Represented by Councillors or Irish Origin? (1996) 

Mc CARRICK, Sarah - London Irish Festivals: A Celebration of Irish Culture (1994) 

McCARTAN, Rosemary - Irish Mental Health in London D 

McCLEAVE, Rachel - Hooligans? Crime, Prison and the Irish in London and Britain (1995) 

McFAUL, Siobhan - The Great Famine Commemoration: Constructive or Irrelevant? 

McGLACKEN, Sinead - Some Contemporary Irish Migrants: Attitudes Towards Catholicism (1992) P 

McGLACKEN, Sinead - 'What're ye' now?': A Study of Identity: Twelve Middle Class Migrants of Protestant and Unionist Background, from Northern Ireland, in London (1996) D 

McGUONE, Malachy - The Correlation of Language and Identity Amongst Irish Migrants in London (1999) P 

McHUGH, Karina - The Irish in Tilbury (1997) D 

McMAHON, Eileen - How the Irish Emigrants of Today Differ from Those in the Fifties (1995) P 

McQUAIL, Jack - Contemporary Attitudes of the London Irish towards the Irish Travelling Community (1998) 

MEENAN, Michael - Does Anti-Irish Discrimination Exist in Contemporary London? (1996) 

MELAUGH, Michael - The Irish and Alcohol in London (1994) P 

MILLER, Simon - A Profile of London Irish Rugby Football Club Supporters (1997) P 

MORGAN, John - Why Irish Studies? (2000) 

MORGAN, Sarah - The Contemporary Racialization of the Irish in Britain(1997) 

MORRIS, Shirley M. - Discrimination against Irish Youth in London in Education (1994) 

MULLARKEY, Dave - Drug Use and the Irish in London (1998) 

MULLENDER, R. - Green and Blue and Orange Too!!: Irish in the Metropolitan Police Force (1998) P 

MULLINS, Martin - Irish Catholics in Bermondsey and Surrounding Parishes (1993) 

MURPHY, Eleanor - Is the Number of Irish Theme Pubs in London Recently a Reflection of the Growing Acceptance of the Irish Community due to Recent Positive Events? (1999) 

MURRAY, Antoinette - Anti-Irish Racism (1997) P 

MURRAY, Tony - London Irish Fictions: Diaspora and Identity in Literary Representations of the Post-War Irish in London (2009) T

MURRAY, Tony - Discourses of Identity: Construction and Expression(1995) D

MURRAY, Tony - Irish Theatre in Britain 1981-1991: A Survey (1992) D

MURRAY, Tony - Defining an Identity: London Irish Writers Groups in the 1980s 
(1991) P 

NASH, Janet - The Irish and Public Health Reform in Liverpool - 1847-1871 
(1995) D 

NOLAN, Elizabeth - The Irish in London : A Socio-Demographic and Socio-Economic Profile (1996) 

NOLAN, Fergal - A Demographic Profile of National Identification Tendencies Amongst Second Generation Irish Youth (1997) P 

O'CALLAGHAN, Bernie - Irish Womens' Experiences of Employment in London (1997) P 

O'CALLAGHAN, Bernie - Elderly Emigrant Irish Women: Survival Strategies (1998) 

O'CONNOR, Catherine - How Important are Irish Newspapers to the Irish in Britain Today? (1999) P 

O'DEA, Jonathan - Emigration From Rural and Urban Ireland: The Transition to London P 

O'DONOVAN, Debra - Mental Illness and the Irish in Britain (1993) 

O'DONOVAN, D - Irish Political Activity: A Study of Five Organisations(1999) P 

O'HANLON, Geraldine - A Study of the Historical and Contemporary Role of Marriage in Relationship to Irish Migrants in Britain and its Meaning to Cultural Identity 

O'KELLY, Elinor - The Irish and their Stereotype in Relation to Alcohol (1994) 

O'MAHONY, Laurence - Sewing the Threads: Tracing a 19th Century Emigrant Cork Tailor (1998) P 

O'MAHONY, Laurence - The Kilburn Irish 

O'MALLEY, Geraldine - An Exploration of the British Labour Market Experiences of Second Generation Irish: Still Nursing and Navvying? (2009) T

O'REILLY, Sheila - To investigate to what Effect the Changes in Ireland's Political, Economic and Social Structures That Occurred in the Mid 1960s and 1970s had on Traditionally Accepted Motivations for Female Emigration (1994) D 

O'SHAUGHNESSY, Anne - The Taboo Subjects Concerning the Irish in London (1997) P 

O'SULLIVAN, Catherine - Irish Women and the British Justice System (1994) P 

O'SULLIVAN, Martha - Irish Nurses Perceptions of HIV and Safe Sex (1995) D 

O'SULLIVAN, Susan - True Reflections (1995) 

OVERALL, Colin - The Experience of the Irish in London As Expressed in Fiction 
(1992) P 

PALMER, David - Irish Travellers and Education in London (1993) 

PATTERSON, Terry - Irish Lessons: Access to Social Security Benefits for Irish and Other Minority Ethnic Communities in Britain (1992) D 

PHELAN, Declan - A Survey of the Attitudes, Knowledge and Opinions of Mental Health Care Workers about the Irish Mentally Ill in Britain (1996) D 

POULTER, Celia - Irishness and Irish Identity in the Reardon Family (1998) P 

POWELL, Amanda - A Study on Second Generation Irish Identity P 

QUIGLEY, John - A History of the Irish Community in Southwark from the Nineteenth Century, and its Relevance to the Borough Today(1998) P 

QUINN, Sinead - A Study of Anti-Irish Racism and its Effects on the Lives of London Irish (1999) 

REDMOND, Pat - London Irish Rugby F.C: A Social Study (1996) 

RIDGE, Michael - Anti-Irish Racism, Anglocentric Racism, Discourse Analysis and Advances in Anti- Racist Social Work (1999) 

ROBINSON, Paul - Craic Dealers: A Study of the Popularity of Irish Theme Pubs in London (1996) 

ROBOREL de CLIMENS, Sohpie - Irish Travellers and the Criminal Justice System (2000) 

ROCHE, Cora - Representations of Irishness in the British Press in the Aftermath of Warrington (1993) 

ROCHE, Veronica - Irish Theatre in London: The Role of Irish Dramatic Companies in the Community Life of the Irish in London (1995) P 

RUANE, Stephen G. - Anti-Irish Racism: Mythical, Exaggerated and/or Insignificant? (1995) 

RUANE, Stephen G. - The Irish in the Crofts, Sheffield C. 1850-1900 (1996) D 

RYAN, Raymond - The Experience of the Irish in London as Expressed through the Medium of Fiction and Autobiography (Second Generation Writers) (1993) P 

SHORTT, Patricia - The Travelling Community in Notting Hill (1999) 

SIMS, Lionel - Home From Home: Irish Ceilidh Dancing at The Irish Centre in Camden 

SMITH, Kevin - Squatting and the Migrant Irish: A Case Study of the "Stockwell Posse" (1993) P 

SMITH, Richard - Representations of the Irish in the Media: An Examination of The Guardian, 1st-30th October, 1993 (1994) P 

SOWER FILM, Tony - A Research Project into The Irish in London and Housing (1998) 

STOKES, Lucy - A Different Kind of Classroom (1993) P 

TARRANT, Denise - An Analysis of The Participation of Settled Irish Migrants in Irish Music and Dancing in North London (1992) 

THOM, Lorna - Culture Among the Irish in London : To Discover the Differences, if any, between Culture among the Irish in London and those who have Moved to London Recently or Travel to Ireland on a Regular Basis (1998) 

TUITE, Christine - The Role And Growth of Irish Centres In London(1998) P 

WALLACE, Jean - Diaspora Dislocation & Identity: Four Contemporary Irish Women Artists in England (1996) D 

WALLACE, Robert - The Old Boys: Second Generation Irish Keeping the Faith (1993) P 

WALSH, Catherine - "Have You Heard of the Irish Church? It Had A Sign Saying Closed on Sundays" How are Ireland and the Irish People Perceived by the British?  (1996) 

WALSH, Catherine - "Everybody knows the Police are Prejudiced!" But what do the Police Say? (1997) D 

WALSH, David - Irish Nurses in London (1997) 

WALSH, John - Conflict Of Cultures: Second Generation Irish Identity as Expressed through the Mediums of Biography and Fiction (1993) P 

WARNER, Mark - Perceptions of Irishness: A Study of How First Generation Irish in London Perceive themselves, their Irishness, and their Cultural Identity (1998) P 

WATERS, Peter - Irish Migrant Workers in Mental Hospitals in and Around St.Albans, Hertfordshire (1997) 

WEBSTER, D. Rosie - Over-representation of Irish amongst Crime within London, its Possible Link to Irish Social Status and Social Injusticse (1999) P 

WHELAN, Bridget - Coming Over, Coming Out: The Emigration Experience Of Irish Gay Men (1993) D 

WHELAN, Bridget - Catholic Clerkenwell: A Portrait of The Irish and Italian Communities in Mid Nineteenth Century London (1998) D 

WIGNALL, Anne-Marie - An Investigation to Discover the Extent to which Sexuality Affected the Decision on the Part of Women to Leave Ireland and Choose London as their Principle Destination (1997) 

WOODS, Catherine - Education and Work Experience of Irish Women in London 
(2000) P 

WOODWARD, Mary - The Irish Press in Britain 1991: A Brief Survey and Analysis of 'The Irish Post', 'The Irish World' and 'Irish in Britain News', March- May 1991 (1991) P 

WRIGHT, Brian - Irish Perspectives in Education and the Current Situation in Southwark (1991) P 

WRIGHT, Brian - The Irish in Bermondsey and Southwark, 1880-1921; Class, Politics and Religion (1994) D 

WRIGHT, Mary-Jane - Second Generation Irish and their Relationship with Alcohol - Does History Repeat Itself? (1997) P 

YORRICK, Karl - The Irish in the London Borough of Camden (1997) P