Our five star Student Promise

London Met’s current Strategic Plan outlines our five star Student Promise – five initiatives aimed at helping you to get the most from your time with us.

The five star Student Promise sets us apart from other universities. At London Met, you can get to work, earn it back, shape your course, take our investment, and boost your potential. This is our promise to you.

At London Met, undergraduate students can:


Five star Student Promise: image of five stars in a row
Get to work

At London Met, you will have access to work-based learning opportunities during your studies which will count towards your degree. This will involve real work experience while studying to give you practical knowledge and skills on top of your academic qualification.


Earn it back

All relevant work opportunities on campus are offered to our students first, part of our aim to recycle as much of your fees back to you as possible. Take advantage of our in-house temping agency, volunteering service and student peer mentoring and ambassador posts whilst studying for your degree.


Shape your course

Our modules are assessed in real-time by students, meaning you can make a difference to the teaching you receive. We’ll always listen to any suggestions you have about improving your course to ensure you have a rewarding learning experience with us.


Take our investment

There are cash bursaries available to eligible students applying for our extended degrees. Read more about our bursaries and scholarships in our funding your studies section.


Boost your potential

Students at London Met benefit from additional support offered by second and third years on their course. And, as you progress, you in turn will have the opportunity to support others through our Peer Assisted Student Success (PASS) scheme.