Social work and youth studies

The youth of today will be the leaders of tomorrow, which is why it’s so vital to educate and look after the younger members of society. Giving young people the right support throughout those years can make the difference between a heathy and positive adulthood, or a dysfunctional and negative one. Guiding young people through this sometimes-difficult process is one of the most important tasks, it could be your future vocation, should you choose to study these degrees with London Met.

Develop your passion for social work

These courses will prepare you for the challenging world of social work. You’ll learn about the complex transition from child to young adult, and the many issues that occur along the way. These issues include identity, class, mental health, culture and gender. Our social work and youth studies courses focus on making relationships with people, to help them access services and support which they might need to fully participate in society.

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What our students say

"Through my youth studies course, I've been able to think in a different dimension about working with young people."
Michael Ayeni

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More about our social work and youth studies courses

Learn from experts in the field

Do you want to make a difference to people’s lives? If you’re interested in helping others and having a positive impact on the lives of children, young people, families or people with mental health issues, then you should consider a degree in social work or youth studies. You’ll engage in debates with experts and external speakers to help develop your views and better understand the views of other people.

Social work is a profession that has its history rooted in the principles of equality and social justice. It is a profession that is centred around people – from young to old, working with the diversity of the human race to try to make their lives better. Our courses at London Met will help you develop your knowledge and skills to work in areas where you can really make a difference, such as child protection, family support and the homeless.   

If you’re more interested in young people in particular, our Youth Studies degree explores the phenomenon of youth culture, providing an understanding of youth in a social, cultural and political context. This interdisciplinary course covers a wonderful mix of cultural studies, criminology, sociology and psychology to provide insights into everything from youth work to urban gang life and young people’s social welfare.

Taught by a dedicated body of staff with extensive practitioner experience, you’ll be guided through carefully structured programmes designed to prepare you for a progressive career in these areas. 

Industry and workplace links

We maintain strong relationships with industrial and workplace partner organisations as well as professional bodies and public service organisations that make the most of our location in London. Many of our courses are endorsed and accredited by professional bodies, including the Health and Care Professions Council and the Institute of Healthcare Management.

Many career paths to choose from

Our graduates have gone on to work in a variety of settings and care groups including children and families, adult social care, mental health and working with older people and those with learning disabilities. Graduates of these courses have a wide variety of careers to choose from in the commercial, public and voluntary sectors. Fields of particular relevance include social research, community work, counselling, teaching, youth justice, trainee probation, housing, health, education, welfare rights and drugs services.

Our employability record

Employability is at the heart of what we do. Here at London Met we are immensely proud of our employability record, with 96.7% of our graduates either in work or engaged in further study within six months of graduation (Destinations of Leavers from Higher Education survey 2016–17, released July 2018).