Marketing, public relations and communications

If you’re interested in advertising, social media, retail or public relations, our marketing, public relations and communications degrees offer you the chance to move towards a career you’ll love.

Develop your passion for marketing, public relations and communications

A career in marketing, PR or communications requires creativity. The public is becoming increasingly resistant to traditional advertising and marketing, which makes the act of promotion that little bit more difficult. A course in advertising or marketing will teach you all the skills you’ll need to hold your audience’s attention and make them think more positively about a brand.

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"I feel as though I have had the right balance of support and independence given to me throughout my studies."
Natalie Lewkowicz

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Learn from guest speakers

Media is the vehicle used to spread the word about a brand: an old but effective method of creating awareness. A public relations course at London Met will give you the opportunity to learn about the media, its power over the public and how to use it effectively to promote a brand or service.

You’ll also have the added benefit of listening to guest speakers who visit the University to give our students an insight into their industry. They’ll impart their expert advice and industry experience, helping you to prepare for the working world as a capable professional.

Study in one of the most creative cities

A hive of creativity, London is the ideal location to study a degree in marketing, PR or communications, with artistic hubs all over the capital. You’ll be immersed in digital media trends and diverse approaches to advertising, marketing, PR and communications. You will have the chance to gain hands-on practice-based learning with our first-class media resources including video and television production, as well as classroom-based grounding in the media industries and corporate environments.

Your choice of career path

Understanding consumer culture, how to generate inspiring and innovative ideas and creating an effective marketing campaign are all essential skills you will learn when you study marketing, PR or communications here at London Met.

Marketing could have you working in a large variety of industries, including education, fashion or business. The practice and theory of marketing will give you the necessary skills to enter many working environments, giving you flexibility in your career options.

Whether you’re eager to promote products or services, or you’re interested in data analysis, you’ll find a course in marketing, PR and communications that will suit your career aspirations at London Met.