Health, social and community studies

How we function in the world is an important part of life, but not everyone considers how certain structures can positively or negatively affect us, and what we can do to impact those changes. If you’re passionate about the wider community and improving the lives of others, then health, social and community studies will cater to those interests.

Develop your passion for health and society

These courses explore the everyday concerns and conflicts that people in society deal with, such as inequality and deprivation, as well as the complex challenges of working with young people during the transition into adulthood. You’ll discover the complex issues people are faced with in their families, friendship circles and societies, as well as the different ways their lives can be improved through education, housing and health. You’ll learn all about social sciences through several theories and concepts, which will help you to better understand current power structures, the role of the individual and their place within their family, compared to society.

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What our students say

"The amount of constructive feedback, the lecturers' dedication to help me succeed and the amount of support we get is is beyond what I expected."
Sidona Assefa

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More about our health, social and community studies courses

Boost your career with an accredited degree

Some of our health, social and community studies degrees have validation from professional bodies, such as Endorsement and Quality Standards Board for Community Development Learning, as well as the Chartered Institute of Housing. This will provide you with the management and leadership skills you need to secure your first step on the career ladder.

Build experience in the field

We have links with employers, offering research and work experience opportunities’ in community trusts, youth clubs, housing associations and charities organisations. By placing your new-found skills into practice, you’ll be fully prepared right from the start of your career.

Graduates have gone on to work as community centre managers, projects officers, fundraising managers, volunteer co-ordinators, national institutions and non-government organisations (NGOs).

Enhance your career prospects

The health, social and community courses at London Met will help you to learn about the current state of the health-care system, as well as expected changes to come. This will give you a broad understanding of the industry as it stands, as well as the possible challenges and benefits that will be implemented throughout your career.

Upon completion of this degree, you’ll have excellent job prospects in both the public and the private sector. Graduates of this degree have gained work in mental health, as support workers in the NHS and medical rehabilitation.