Photography – Calcutta House, rooms CMB-34 to CMB-43, Lighting studio, room CMB-49
Photography studio




Equipment and facilities


Film and digital cameras

Black-and-white dark rooms

Enlarger types:
Dunco model II-67VC
Meopta Magniax
Devere 504s
Processing equipment: Print processing system ILFORD 2150 RC x 2

Colour dark rooms

Enlarger types:
De Vere 203  
De Vere 504
De Vere 5108  
Processing equipment: Colenta Studioline processor -80RA50, (4 tank system)

Advanced dark room

Enlarger types:
Ilfospeed multigrade 500
De Vere 504  
De Vere 5108
Horizontal large print enlarger Durst 1000

Lighting studios

Flash head (Bowens Gemini Pro-750) x 6
Super coolite x 2
Red heads x 4
Interfit Super5 x 2
Bowens SL 455 x 4
Lighting Kit Bowens Flash head x 3
Quadx3000 serial TC0125 
Bowens Duo 1200 BW 7590

Digital print facilities

Scanner (Imacon-Flextight 646)
Flatbed scanner (Epson V850-Photoscanner
Mac and iMacs
Epson Stylus Pro 3800 printer
Epson Stylus R800 printer
Epson Stylus 2100 printer

Eizo grading screens


Calcutta House, rooms CMB-34 to CMB-43, Lighting Studio, room CMB-49


Lisa Rigolli and Sebastian Edge.

Open Access

Please see the schedule on the door for access times.

Basic entry requirements: Photography Health and Safety induction.

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