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Introducing Psychology

London Met’s School of Psychology introduces its specialist subjects at a day-long event for local A-level students.

Professional doctorate in health psychology thesis portfolio (Wehling : 2019) | London Met Repository

This portfolio outlines the five competencies that formulate the Health Psychology Professional Doctorate. The competencies are outlined by the British Psychological Society (BPS, 2009) and include the following: research via the completion of an

Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology thesis portfolio (Edwards : 2019) : Obesity and uncontrolled eating from a health psychology perspective | London Met Repository

This portfolio and the accompanying competency folders contain over three years of reflective practice logs and demonstrate evidence of how I have met the required competencies for the Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology. In the form of four

Cross-cultural perspectives of LGBTQ psychology from five different countries: current state and recommendations | London Met Repository

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer or questioning psychology (LGBTQ psychology) is a branch of psychology that promotes inclusiveness in theory and practice across the science of psychology, affirming the lives of people with different

Consolidating ‘reflective practice’: development at the end of a professional doctorate in Counselling Psychology | London Met Repository

This article presents a proposed Module designed to assist third year counselling psychologists to make the transition to qualified status, specifically in relation to authoritative reflective practice. Trainees and colleagues have noted the

How do counselling psychology trainees experience working with CBT in their placements? | London Met Repository

Rationale: This study set out to provide an open investigation into how trainee counselling psychologists in the UK experience working with cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) in their placements. Research and commentary by qualified and trainee

The relationship between client work and personal and professional development in Counselling Psychology training | London Met Repository

Personal and professional development activities are a central component of Counselling Psychology training due to regulatory requirements and the high value Counselling Psychology places on the therapist’s "self". Most research on the

Reducing variability, increasing reliability: exploring the psychology of intra- and inter-rater reliability | London Met Repository

Reliability relates to the fairness and consistency of assessment. Section 7 of the Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) Code of Practice (2000) requires that: “Institutions have transparent and fair mechanisms for marking and moderating marks”. At an

Self-disclosure in counselling psychology practice : a qualitative study using abbreviated grounded theory techniques | London Met Repository

This study explores counselling psychologists’ understanding of self-disclosure within the therapeutic context. The investigation seeks to explore what factors are involved in influencing counselling psychologists’ decisions to disclose and how
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