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Recycling in the Workplace: insights from psychology | London Met Repository

Although the vast majority of businesses do recycle, its success depends upon individual compliance. While ‘nudging’ individuals to recycle through the use of well-designed facilities can help, the general consensus is that it is only when

Designing postgraduate professional courses : a case study from forensic psychology | London Met Repository

Designing postgraduate professional courses presents specific challenges. These are explored in this account of the redesign of an existing psychological testing course, originally created for occupational psychology postgraduates, for a different

Psychology of creativity: Cognitive, emotional, and social processes | London Met Repository

Creativity is a property of a finished idea or product. An idea is creative if it is both new and adaptive. Creative ideas are needed in a world that becomes ever more complex, and poses problems with no clear path to a solution and for which no

Fostering deep learning through workshops : a re-design of a first-year psychology module | London Met Repository

This paper discusses the redesign of a module on 'Personality and Social Psychology' (PY1003) that is compulsory for first-year Psychology undergraduates at London Metropolitan University.

Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology thesis portfolio (Palmer : 2020) | London Met Repository

This professional doctorate is made up of a systematic review, a research project, consultancy report, professional skills report, teaching and training plan, teaching and training evaluation, teaching and training recording, and an intervention

Critical perspectives in Business Psychology : the evaluation of a 3rd-year undergraduate module | London Met Repository

This paper describes the context and rationale behind the evaluation of the module "Critical Perspectives in Business Psychology", which was taught at level 6 as a core module for students on the BA in Business Psychology and as an elective for

Bridging the divide in work and occupational psychology: evidence from practice | London Met Repository

This study explores the extent to which work and organizational (W&O) psychology practitioners use evidence, how they apply it to the everyday contexts in which they work and the types of barriers they encounter in so doing. It adopts a mixed

Self- and Peer-Assessment: the case of Peer Supervision in Counselling Psychology | London Met Repository

Peer supervision is widely recognised within health services vocational training as a rich source of learning for clinical trainees. Whilst it is usually recommended simply as an adjunct to traditional individual supervisory support, it could

Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology thesis portfolio (Edwards : 2019) : Obesity and uncontrolled eating from a health psychology perspective | London Met Repository

This portfolio and the accompanying competency folders contain over three years of reflective practice logs and demonstrate evidence of how I have met the required competencies for the Professional Doctorate in Health Psychology. In the form of four

Consolidating ‘reflective practice’: development at the end of a professional doctorate in Counselling Psychology | London Met Repository

This article presents a proposed Module designed to assist third year counselling psychologists to make the transition to qualified status, specifically in relation to authoritative reflective practice. Trainees and colleagues have noted the
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