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Conference Interpreting MA

Course leader Danielle D'Hayer talks about the interpreting suite and the Conference Interpreting MA course.
Running time: 00:03:03 2020-08-04

The Pecking Order: a public art installation at Tate Modern

In December 2019 Dr Jacek Ludwig Scarso brought The Pecking Order, a public art installation, to Tate Modern. Over the course of a few days, the installation took people on a journey up to the Tate Exchange exhibition space, where visitors were
Running time: 00:05:38 2020-08-03

Public Art and Performance MA

Our Public Art and Performance MA prepares artists and art professionals for the increasing demand in the sector to develop publicly interactive, performative and immersive work. In association with Tate Exchange at Tate Modern and in collaboration
Running time: 00:02:01 2020-03-11
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